Thursday 29 September

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General Awareness (Certificate)

Production Theory

Stage Manager
MANAGER                                                                                                 the book=the script
• Technicians                                                                                            SFX=sound efect
• Lx (lights)operations
• Scenic construction
• DSM – « call » the show – all crew
• ASM – props

• The script
• Blocking
• Props (where they going ?) : Guns locked / Risk assessment
• Lx cues
• Sound cues – SFX / Orchestra

RISK ASSESSMENT – What hazards ? – What actions ?

• Rehearse under studies
• Sometimes in castings
• Communicate with cast

Me and Ami
Romeu and Juliet – about the lights
Backlights – oklahoma yellow 757 or metal disc
Twelfth night – about the lights

Warm wash – positive
Cool wash – negative
GOBO – metal disc : leaf breakup
Season Rehearsal:
Jamie-leigh Watling
Tom 2
In cinema’s Jamie came in and she is trying to find her seat. She found it and she starts to eat the popcorns. Meanwhile Ami show’s up and she saw Jamie and she seat next to her. But Ami wants to eat Jamie’s popcorns, she tries to reach out the popcorns but Jamie slap Ami’s hand. Tom’s looking for his seat but he is very cold and he is coughing to much. He’s trying to sneeze but he hold it…and jamie she is trying to protect her popcorns. Tom 2 and his date Chloe they walk in laughing for each other but Tom 2 confused their seat with Jamie and Ami but they are wrong and they go to the front seat. Before they seat Tom sneeze and they jump because they scared for Tom’s sneeze. Chloe is upset with Tom sneezing and coughing all the time and she asked him to change of seat and Tom agreed to switch of seat. For the surprise Mariana and Beth are Chloe’s friend and they saw her and goes to seat close to her. Chloe show’s her date Tom, but Tom wasn’t happy to see the girls and the girls are trying to greet him even he’s not intersting to see the girls. The movie starts and Jamie is doing noises with popcorns ! No one is happy to ear that noise and all of them they turn around and say to Jamie to keep her quiet. Jamie stop with the noise. The movie have some emotions and Sofia who she have a big hat is late. And she goes to the front seat and everybody without Tom who is on the front row, they are not happy about it and desapointed because they are not going to see the movie because of the hat.