Task 1 – Shakespeare Research & Presentation

Shakespeare Research

Twelfth night Act 2 Scene 2

I left no ring with her : what means this lady ?

Fortune forbid my outside have not charmed her!

She made good view of me, indeed so much,

That methought her eyes had lost her tongue,

For she did speak in stars distractedly.

She loves me, sure ; the cunning of her passion

Invites me in this churilish ,messenger.

None of my lord’s ring ? Why, he sent her none.

I am the man : if it be so, as ‘tis,

Poor lady, she were better love a dream.

Disguise, I see thou art a wickedness,

Wherein the pregnant enemy does much.

How easy is it for the proper-false

In women’s waxen hearts to set their forms !

Alas, our frailty is the cause, not we,

For such as we lare made of, such web be.

How will this fadge? My master loves her dearly,

And I, poor monster, fond as much on him,

And she, mistaken, seems to dote on me :

What will become of this ? As I am man,

My state is desperate for my master’s love:

As I am women (now alas the day!)

What thriftless sighs shall poor Olivia breathe?

O time, thou must untangle this, not I,

It is too hard a knot for me t’untie.


Who the character is

  • She have a twin brother Sebastian

Where the charecter is

  • Coast of Illirya and on this scene Viola is at Olivia’s house

What they are saying

  • About love

Why they are saying it

  • Because Viola didn’t left a ring to Olivia and she is wondering if she (who is Cesario) left a ring.

When they are saying it

  • Viola and Sebastian are separated in a shipwreck disguised as a man Viola falls in love with Duke Orsino, who in turn is in love with Olivia but Olivia falls in love with her thinking she is a man

Why choose the monologue

  • I choose this monologue because it’s interesting to see how this will ends why Viola’s dressing as a man and how she loves Orsino.



“If music be the food of love….play on” Orsino

Tweltght night is a comedy romantic.

Charecters : Viola, Orsino, Sebastian, Antonio, Sea Captian, Valentine, Curio, Sir Toby Belch, Sir Aandrew Aguecheek, Malvolio, Fabian, Feste, Olivia, Maria, Priest, Olivia’s Servent

Sipnose : Near the coast of Illyria, Viola believes that her twin brother is drowned but Antonio find him and took Sebastian (who is viola’s brother) into his house. Sebastian lies to Antonio sayiing that he don’t have family even being devastated with the loss of his sister Viola. But Sebastian lefts and go to Orsino’s court and Antonio even have enemies on Orsino’s court he decides to go and protect his friend. Sebastian reappearce to Viola even she is wearing by a man they get recognize each other. Antonio is obsessed with Sebastian but eroticly. Sebastian was really grateful for Antonio having take him but Sebastian want to move on. Antonio is never going to leave him being Sebatian’s servant. Awhile Viola dresses a man to take a job at Orsino’s court being CESARIO to disguise her identity. Viola being CESARIO fall in love with Duke Orsino but the Duke loves Olivia so CESARIO turns her servent to vigile Orsino’s love with Olivia and Orsino’s order to keep his romance with Olivia switching letters. But Olivia falls in love with CESARIO. There is a certain moment that Olivia believes that she is talking with Sebastian but is Viola dressing by CESARIO. Sebastian get to know Olivia(who is in love with “Cesario” VIOLA) and they get married. Viola got courage and told everyone that she is a woman and CESARIO doesn’t exists ! The brothers get resolved their confusion identities. Orsino truly loves Viola and when she is ready and want to put the dress Orsino will marry with her.