Summer Commission – Task 3

Veronica Silva


“My name is Veronica Silva and I’m 30 years old. I was born on 18th September in 1987, Lisbon. Now my current residence is in Bury St. Edmunds for 6 months, but I live in Lisbon with my boyfriend Carlos Amador (is a chef too). I’m a fighter, stronger, a succeed women, adventurous and a dreamer. Sometimes I can be very rude, like, if I have one person who did something wrong to the dish or doesn’t move in the kitchen (not quick enough). I am persistent, helpful (but not to waste my time with stupid things) and funny, always with my sense of hummour… I run actross the Europe, Asia and Americans (North and South). I really fought to be where I am now, was really hard but the efford is amazing to see what I been through. I was raise with my parents and my 2 brothers and 1 sister in a small village, and I loved to be in there, especially my friends and my family, NOT the neightbours because they think they are surveillance cameras and can talk about your life and isn’t their lives or bussines. I love my brothers and sister but my sister passed away very young with heart disease. In that time I wasn’t sure what I’m going to be for the future and I was debating myself, COOKER, DOCTOR OR UNEMPLOYER…so I decide to go to Tourism and Hotelary School and then I did go to Le Cordon Bleu Spain and in there I had so many opportunities…I was doing intership’s around the Europe. After I complete 2 years in Le Cordon Bleu. The first time I did work as a Chef was in New York. Every year the Restaurant “Hollywood” accept Chef’s around the world and being in the kitchen for 2 months, to do new things, new dishes, new tecniques, new everything. I like what I do, I’m happy do to what I do. I love to be surrounded in the kitchen and combine new flavours, the beautiful smell of food and the art and the beautiness of it. What I like the most is to talk with the costumers at the table and when they leave the restaurant with a happy smile and satisfied with the food, and that’s is my comfort to see the costumers satisfied with my food, being recognized as an excellent Chef and to create new dishes with history. What I really don’t like is to people joking or playing with food or to leave a big portion of food on the plate and put it in the rubbish, people that treats chef’s ‘’Don’t do anything, they just boss it around!’’. What I don’t like is that some customer not satisfied with my food… My motivation is to be in the kitchen and create dishes that inspires me and help me to develop more my cooking and tecnique but the traditional gastronomy in Portugal…the fish, ‘‘DOCES CONVENTUAIS’’ (any kind of desserts with eggs),I ever forget and it always keep me stronger and try new flavours.’’


The strengths that I bring to this performance must have to be a stronger person and fighter, who can fight for her, her dreams and for what she wants…she is very ambitious. The character had to grow fast to fight for what she wanted to be. So this character had to be strong and the capacity to lead the kitchen, who can teach and adventure her passion about food.

The skills that I feel to improve to play this character, to be honest none ! I have experience to be a chef and any duties that chefs had to do. But of course I will always change something for my character, to be more passion about the profession and determinated.


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