Summer Commission – Task 1

What is site-specific theatre ?

Site-specific theatre is any type of theatrical production designed to be performed at a unique, specially adapted location other than a standard theatre. This specific site either may be originally built without any intention of serving theatrical purposes (for example, in a hotel, courtyard, or converted building), or may simply be considered an unconventional theatre space (for example, in a forest). Site-specific theatre is commonly more interactive than conventional theatre and, with the expectation of audience members predominantly to walk or move about (rather than sit), may be called promenade theatre.

How is it different from theatre in a working theatre space ?

Is different because in the Theatre you know your space, what you are going to perform in that space ! We have very types of theatre  and  in those very types of Theatre we rehearsal in that space that no one is allowed to be on stage the spectators have to stay in the audience, but theatre in a working space is a little bit difficult because you don’t know what is going to happen. We have to stay focus with a lot of the attention to the audience, that is around us, they are involve in the theatre, if something goes wrong we  have to improvise and carry on because they are interactive with us.


Considerations of site-specific including cost, audience, factors of performance, pros and cons, etc.

The pros and cons about this site-specific theatre is benefic or not, like :

Audience / Factors of performance – it’s important for us to being around the audience and to interact with them and at the same time for them to us. For the audience is a great opportunity to being in the performance to be more active in the performance. But it could have an accident you never know what is going to happen. We need to be aware what is around, watch our steps, careful with the audience because they are involve in the performance. For this type of site-specific theatre we need to speak really louder because it’s not everyone who had the change to listening what you are saying. About the lights too, is really difficult the actor show something in charater on his hands and the audience from the back can’t see, or if the actor for example, pass out on the floor the audience in the front probably will see it but the audience from the back couldn’t see, so we had to be sure that this simple things couldn’t involve in this type of theatre…

Cost  – in my point of view is really fine because what you are going to pay to see the show which you will have the opportunity to be surround with the actors and actresses, to have the experience to be apart of the show and the chance to see really close it’s worth it.


How this research will inform your audience ?

I think this research will inform the audience to know what is going to happen and to prepare for anything ! Because anything could happen…if we stumble in something on the floor and we fall into a person from the audience, or if one person from the audience block your entrance and ruin completely the entrance, 100 things could happen but if we inform them all of this, like what is a site-specific theatre and to be aware, they will understand and will help us to. But at the end this research is good for the audience but is good for us too, to know what we are going to do and prepare the movements and the space, specially when you have to worry with the audience and perform.


Perform this amazing piece in Edmunds Restaurant is amazing. We are lucky to have this opportunity to perform in this restaurant. But is so different than the theatre because in the theatre, the audience stay in the “dark”, so far away from us  as “performers” but in this practically Site-Specific Theatre, in the Restaurant is a little bit hard because people are so close to us and sometimes it get us losing our character or focus. But for me as a character doing this performance will be amazing…is something that I ever did and will be an amazing experience and being surrounded with the audience.


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