Thursday 20 October

Today we did had Employability and on this lesson we start to do a CV, and the Assessement. In Han’s lesson we read the scrip THE TEMPEST and write what we didn’t understand or the parts we did undesrtand.

Scene 1 act1 : A violent storm rages around a small ship at sea

Scene 2 act 1 : Prospero and Miranda stand on the shore of the island having just witnessed the shipwreck.

Scene 2 act 2 : Caliban enters with a load of wood. Caliban curses and describes the torment that Prospero’s strange shapes subject him

Scene 1 act 3 : At Prospero’s cell ferdinand takes over Caliban’s duties…Miranda and Ferdinand are engaged.

Scene 2 act 3 : Caliban, Trinculo and Stephano continues to drink and Caliban desire to get revenge against Prospero’s.

Scene 3 act 3 : They have a banquet of food, the strange shapes dance in torne the banquet. Prospero came in but invisible to all. The strange shapes remove the banquet table to Prospero revenge on Alonso.

Scene 1 act 4 : Prosper ogives her daughter to Ferdinand and to take care of her not to break her heart.

Scene 1 act 5 : Ariel tells Prospero to allow him to stop working with him. Prospero release Alonso and his companions from their spell. Prospero accept Alonso’s apologies.