Summer Commission – Task 5

How tables are waited on

  • Normally the waiters had much to do…they have to polish cutlery, cops, folder napkins (depends of the napkins…could be paper or cloth napkins – and this kind of napkins you have many types to folder), move tables, chairs, clean the restaurant, toilet, do sauce preparations like Olive oil, vinegar, others sauces. You have many types of restaurants and restaurants with Michelin Star’s they are very refinement or elegance that have class. There service could be English service, French Service or Russian Service. When the door is open to service the lunch or dinner time you must be corrected in posture and the way o walk or talk. Always respect the costumer, take them to the table and always remove their jackets, and next the waiter had to conduce the lady to the chair (always the women). Bring the Wine Menu talk about of the wines that the restaurant have and what kind of wines is correct for fish or beef dishes. In this case, the wine have to be disgusted by the host and he is going to decide which wine he is going to drink. Next is the Menu : Starters, Main course and Dessert. At the table you will have this : Mise en place – 4 cops : white wine. Red wine, water and champagne / napkin / Salt and pepper / plate and knife for the bread / 4 forks : starter, fish, table and dessert / 4 knifes : starter, fish, table and dessert / spoons : soup and dessert / plates : starter, sous plat


The language used in a restaurant environment

  • The language have to be correct (RP). The same as posture.


What a day in the restaurant looks like

In  my point of view a day in the restaurant depends of the restaurants and the idea for each of them. If you are going to one restaurant sufisticaded, they are open all day but with a rotate shift in the morning or afternoon…in others restaurants they close at 15h and re-open at 18h or 19h.


The dos and don’ts of working in a restaurant

Working in the restaurant is very hard. You must have passion to do it, because is a lot of work even in the kitchen or in front. The opportunity to eat all the food and drinking without paying, the courses that you will doing, the uniforms, knifes, recipes, diplomas and experience….unfortunally some restaurants don’t have all this of this… and the don’ts: don’t respect the people or their work, don’t have too much equipments or enough, swearing, no break without eating just hydrate, bad tips.

A glossary of terms used in restaurants

Glossary of terms using in the restaurant, again, depends of the restaurant but for all have to be a languague that would be very respective, without swearing and always smiling. Costumers first and they are always right (not really)


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