Task 7 – Evaluation


I perform Viola From Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare act 2 scene2… my journey from the beginning till here was pretty god. Because being a Portuguese and doing a monologue from Shakespeare sounds hard but if you commit to yourself you can do it you must have to believe in yourself… But I think that my performance was god and for the better future i have to work on my accent. My feedbacks (made by Josh on year 2) were that i  was god doing my monologue in various aspects. Per example, my volume was great, they can hear the sound of my words, they told me that i was smart to move, my accent wasn’t bad and the words was clear and they could hear me and understand what i saying. Till this performance i practice a lot (specially for the words that i didn’t understand) watching videos, get to know about the story “Twelfth Night”, study what it’s happening on this scene. On the lessons with Erica and my colleagues we practice a lot too and in there i had that feedback if i wasn’t doing something good or bad they were saying to me to get more better and sometimes i forgot the words or sentences but today i say my monologue and i didn’t get anything wrong and i’m proud of myself. For the beginning I was terrifying and very nervous but i get myself together and just have the 2 minutes to shine and let it go and for my point of view i was great…the next time i’ll be much better.