Summer Commission – Task 9

12th May 2017 at 19h30 was the Level 2s performance of the play  “Waiting – An Original Play” by Erica Dupuy. And was really amazing… specially in Edmunds Restaurant my first time permorming in the restaurant with the audience involved. In the night, during the performance Act2 scene 22 I had the line : “It’s Georgia’s cheeseburger box…” but I did forget for minutes the line and I made it up and I did said “It’s a cheeseburger box that I made for Georgia…I made for her today… ” I didn’t remember that I was so quick saying that line and I was really proud of myself because I didn’t mess up the line. About the research it brought to us the change to know what we are bringing to the performance and was really helpfull. In rehearsal time I was concerning because we didn’t rehearsal even 1 time at Edmunds Restaurant and my character didn’t came out, it’s like being me after all. But when we did go to rehearsal in Edmunds Restaurant, (in the performance week) I was so glad we made it because was really helpfull for me and was so natural to my character came out, it’s like I knew the place, was really relive to know the place better and  not being too much stress out about the performance day. In the others days, the rehearsals was really messy…especially when everyone talk over each other and didn’t respect the others people that were already saying his/her lines. Was really confusing but we did talk for good of us and to know what’s the best thing we had to do. The group progress very well, we grow to much and take the responsability for the group. We help Ami because she had some struggles to learn the lines but then she knew her lines. We get the costumes and props sort it and was really easy. Since I work in the Restaurant was easy to get black aprons, notepads and take away box. My uniform was so easy and at this time I’m so glad to work in this industry, because I didn’t had to search or buy an uniform for my character. So I was thinking…what would be better the Chef had a book and the Menu with him/her ? Always…so I made it up a menu from my Restaurant that I work with the Menu of the Piece and it work very well, and for the book I had at home one book with my recipes in Portuguese that was so fabulous for my character. HIP FLASK – from the beginning I was really confusing but I didn’t know what was that, and I found it on google and Erica had one and she brought to the piece. The truffles was really fun because Jaime-Leigh don’t like truffles so I had to buy Lindt chocolates for her and had the perfect look for the truffles. The first idea was to buy Ferrero Rocher but it doesn’t look like truffles because they had hazelnuts around the chocolate and the real truffles are soft. The t-shirts we get from Dennys Bros  was £17 per T-shirt and 4 T-shirts £68 (The t-shirts have the name of the character in the front left side of the shirt and on the back One Eleven the name of the restaurant)! We were so lucky because we found the match of the writting from the computer that we use to promoted our piece on facebook. In that week we spend the morning getting the props sort it and we found Wine boxes for the character Andrew interpreted by Kieran at Waitrose. But Helena said that she had a wine carrier box and she brought to us to see the best opition. We had to by Apple and Blackcurrant squash  to make it red wine and white win. We did found the bottles of wine in tweed, each of us had to graffiti the lockers and robyn made this beautiful liver and most of the props were sort it (some of the props each person had to provide). During the night we supposed to have a cheeseburger but we forgot to ask in Edmunds restaurant to keep us one cheeseburger for the piece (because in that night they had in the menu burgers) our bad. By the end was so well played and everybody love it. Was a great experience for me, in others performance was good but not so great and amazing like this performance at this time I had the opportunity to do a Portuguese character and I’m so glad to bring my culture to the piece. And my expectation in this piece was really amazing, I wasn’t expect all the affect and efford we put on the piece (and the audience too).

I think I did achieve what I had in my mind and was my english, dictation and my Portuguese character. And we all did achieve very well (in my opinion some of us) as a group. There were some people that was always chat with one another and in some point was annoying but we had a discussion all together to stop being childish and being more grow up and focus on the goal. What I did enjoyed doing was getting the props sort it and finding my character. What I thought wasn’t good is the fact that were people didn’t take it serious like learning the lines, finding props that should be him/her to finding, basicly responsability. But I loved the piece and was really enjoyable to do it and I’m so proud of my character because I put my heart on it, like any other performances but this is different…was perfect for me and it felt me like home. Was my first time doing a character in Portuguese and as a Portuguese character and I’m very proud. One thing we did wrong was the fact that we supposed to have a real Cheeseburger for the character Leo interpreted by Henry Stedman and we forgot to ask the Edmunds kitchen if they can left one burger for the piece but at the end Henry did great job and smell the empty box that supposed to have a cheeseburger.  We had a lot of feedbacks in that night. Everybody reacted the performance and was really good, that they laught during the show and was really enjoyable… Especially when the Tutors and the Director tell us that was really amazing. I learnt so much in this show because it gave some ideas and alternatives that I didn’t that I had it. And more I was involve more I had ideas. And for that I grown so much to not stop beliving in my feelings and risk for my character. If I were to do the show again differently probably I would make sure the Cheeseburger is in the right place and the opportunity to have a kitchen staff to involve with. With my character  I learnt so much in terms of her power, strenght and the love that what she does and I didn’t research too much about her because it grows inside me and I saw the videos from the rehearsals and the Performance and was a different between them…she was more stronger and was brilliant. The most helpful piece of research that I found was my 2 best Chefs in Portugal : Henrique Sá Pessoa and José Avillez! 2 Chefs that I love and everything that I did for my character was thinking about their posture, the way they talk, the way they cook and look to th food that passion and I was trying to put in my character and be more professional as possible. And the resaerch help me during the show. I didn’t notice before but when I was interpreted Verónica I was looking a professional, with that look that I’m important, I’m the boss here and nobody can say nothing wrong to me. And then I started to beware of the things that one Chef do every day and I felt that was an amazing feeling interpret one character with the best qualities. The performances that stand out and could made the show better was my swearing in foreign language and her power of the voice. I think who did contributed  the most for this project was me, Robyn, Matthew and Henry, because every artist knows what to do in stage and devolop from ideas and actions. Studying the lines from the beginning and put the heart on it and always finding more ideas or expressions with the body for the character. The best performance for me was Henry with his poem “Sand”, Mine with Henry and Max in the kitchen “Your name’s really Kevin”, and ALL of us in each meeting service (lunch time and dinner time).



Facebook page Waiting – An Original Play


List of props




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