Friday 7 October

This Friday we warm up with the productions and year 2 coordenated by Leah (from productions). We play “Pigeons”, Subject”, “Anyone Who…”. Later we have practical with Helena and we talk more about the chorography and add some moves on it. On this lesson I have to front my rival who is Robyn and develop more steps and moves. On pratical with Erica we  study and work on our monologue and recording while we performing and do to some feedbacks to each of us. The end we did a video with our monologues but with the different voice. Erica give to us the  “Task 2 – Shakespeare Production and Performance that we have to performe on 18 October. The end of the day Season Rehearsal and we practice for the Melodrama. I study one song with Daytona because she was helping me to learn the song because Tuesday i wasn’t in the college.

Song :

On mother Kelly’s door step

Down paradise rowl I’d sit along a Nelly

She’d sit along a Joe

She’s got a little hole in her sock

A hole in her shoe

A hole in her stocking where her toe peeped through

But Nelly was

The smartest down our alley


On mother Kelly’s door step

I’m wondering now

If little girl Nelly, remembers Joe

Her beau

And she loves him like she used to ?

On mother Kelly’s door step

Down paradise row


Practical with Helena