Summer Commission – Task 4

Costume and make-up

In the kitchen you are not allowed to have earings, rings (if you are not married), make-up or polish nail and always with your hair tied.

Why I choose them, because in the kitchen this is the uniform that is correct to work with.

Apron- it’s always needed… help to hold a hot pan and not to get durty.


Trousers- have to be a proper fabric because if something hot spills on you, it’s not going to burn straigh away because of the fabric.


Kitchen caps- it’s important in the kitchen because we don’t want to have hair on the food. That’s why we need to protect our hair.


Chef’s jackets- always with jackets and they must have bottoms because in case of an emergency the bottoms help to remove the jacket quicker and to not getting burn.

chef-jackets-for-sale-29                              botoes_jaleca_esferas_preto

Safety shoes- this type of shoes is very important because they are not slippers and have a metal in front of the shoes, to protect our feet (knife, pans…).




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