Wednesday 19 October

Today we had Directed Study and i was watching the movie THE TEMPEST on 2 adaptations : 2010 and 1960 ! And to understand a little the plat that i’ll going to perform.

Next was Lynn’s lesson and in this lesson we learn a little bit of how to play piano and get to know a little bit of the sounds and the key bord.


Semitones are an infinite variety of sounds into music.

A sharp   means that is  higher.

flat means that is lower

Major scale usually in Western music

  • Major – high
  • Minor – low

8 notes – they call OCTAVE

  • C D E F G A B / 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Chord is a group of notes

Major chord – 1 3 5  / C E G


And we sing a song HAVA NISHORA

On season rehearsal we did improv and we did 4 types of games : Questions only, “Movement” ( it’s about 2 person who they are doing improvisation without moving and the others 2 persons have to move them along they are doing they improvement), Freeze nomenated, “Alphabetic”(the game is talking for one topic of improvement and talking in alphabetic order).