Task 3 – Shakespeare Production

Explanation :

Twelfth Night was written in 1601-02 close to the Christmas season and it’s important to play romantic atmosphere. About the costume must have to be near that year 1601-02, old fashion time of queen and kings.


Costume :


Viola could wear disguised as Cesario




Duke Orsino could wearing






Olivia could wearing




The man servents



The womens servent




Feste could wearing


I make this decision because in that century have it that type of costumes…time of kings and queens and I want to keep the costume…basically the story…i don’t want to give other concept far from William Shakespeare.  Just keep with the script. The other will dress the same for exemple: people who belong to upper middle class and middle class dresses with poses. And the working class and the servents dresses not so fancy then the upper middle class.


In the theatre


The idea to perform in the theatre maybe wood to build it and the curtains have to be blue like the day. Stares and plants (for the garden). And the structure have to be like a castle and the middle a garden like the picture. To change the scenes to be made probably keep with the same cenario.






About the lighting must have to be in a daylight because the monologue follows in the day at Olivia garden court’s. The lighting colours could be blue and yellow and some leaves to give a little more for the scene. I could choose a Special follow but I already have daylight colours I don’t need it but I can have a special on the character just on one spot maybe the end of my monologue.