Friday 30 September

We warm up with Josh and James for the 2 year drama ! we did 3 games : “detective and murder”, “face expressions” and “who guess who”.

Practical with Helena

Romeo and Juliet – Research :

  • Original story – Shakespeare
  • Original ballet – Prokofiev

Specific scene:

  • Montagnes + capulets at the party

Modern remix

  • Serger Prokofiev vs Deaf professor

Web adress:


Looked at traditional ballet version of that scene: – upper class(status)/

-elegance (fashion/ jewellery) / -traditional/ -formal


Possible modern version street dance “battle” crew vs crew

  • Boy crew vs girl crew
  • Mixed crew

Options :

– Just show the conflicy between the montagnes + the capulets.

– Show the conflict between the M’s + C’s + intrudence R+J characters

Me, Max. Mathew and Ebony.

We start to walk get close to the other crew, stop and staring and wach the other crew, turn back to our position and do a vall to our partner. But Helene give a idea to walk and stop in the middle and give the hand to the partner and dance to each other but just a spin turn back with the walk and to a vall to the partner.

The other group : Henry, Robyn, Ami, Jamie and Kieran.


They was great to, I like the idea to walk like a piramide and salute the other group. In my point of view was respectfull.

Practical with Erica :

We did differents charecters in our monologue ! I did a child and Semeagal or Gollum from Lord’s ring. And one choose by Erica – being a minister defending the country. She give us the script for the WEIRD SISTERS by William Shakespeare. (Me, Ebony and Jamie) and we performed. We play 21.


Season rehearsal : I did body condicional with Helena and Improv with Erica – we play “the killer”, “objects” and “any one who…” !