Task 5 – Rehearsal Period

Dancing – we didn’t had to much time to rehearsal because we didn’t have to much people in the lesson to practice and to know the dance routine.

Singing – in Inspired by Films we already have to much to involve so we decide to cut the singing bit.

Scripted scenes – in my scene with Henry (Psycho) from the beginning was okay and work with Henry is good he is a good actor and it feels easy to work with him. This time I didn’t had struggles with lines or understanding lines/words which that is really good. I did some words to say it better and I had to work on my accent but now it’s good. What I had to do more or practice was to eat a sandwich with small bites that I had been practice at home and how to sit on the chair with my dress because the dress is huge not that huge but have that “puff” under my dress that makes the volume of the dress. Every rehearsal is better we grow more and more but at the end we are very good but still Henry work more on is Norman Bates to be more angry.