Monday 31 October

First day we came back to college from halth term. In warm up we did 2 types of scottish dance with all of us (not included the people from Our House who have doing rehearsals all day). Then was Erica’s lesson and we read the script “The Tempest” and we perform the first scene. We try to make the storm in the boat on stage for practice. We talk about the characters and understand well about them (each character) and the story. The other hour we saw the movie to see a little bit of the story to make us clear and easier. Erica told us to about the feedback that she gave to us. And to see the feedback if is something that we didn’t understand to talk to her and if we have more questions or any doubts to clarify but to follow the feedback to make us better. On season rehearsal was Improv. And on improv we did 4 games : Mafia, Questions only, chinese Whispering and Freeze nomenated.