Character work

15 september 2016

7 kinds of story

Overcoming the monster  (e.g. James Bond, Dracula)

Rags to riches (e.g. Cinderella, Alladin)

The quest (e.g. The lord of the rings, Indiana Jones)

Voyage and return (The wizard of Oz, Alice in wonderland)

Comedy (Shrek, Mr. Bean)

Tragedy (Hamlet, Romeu and Juliet)

Rebirth (The frog prince, Beauty and the beast)


Question to ask myself

  1. Who am I (character)?   Mariana
  2. What time is it?               Is  saturday in the midday with sun in august
  3. Where am I?                     Portugal, in my room
  4. What surrounds me?     Friends, Family, coffee shop, music
  5. What are the given circunstances?  Happiness and Joy
  6. What are my relationship?                 Happy and exciting
  7. Who is on the door?                              My bests friends
  8. What do I want?                                     Have fun
  9. What is in the way?                              Nothing
  10. What do I do to get it?                         Everything

With this exercise I feel the character (even being myself) I feel like I was in there…Was just 5 minutes of joy and happiness. But is one of the exercises that is good to reflect and get to know better the charecter who I will be paly.


Traditional Folk Story白蛇传)/