Monday 15th May / Tuesday 23rd May

On this days I’ve working on my WordPress. The tasks especially the brief Unit 9, because it wasn’t in the right place, and all my tasks were up to date. Tuesday we had the chance to be with Erica and talk about WordPress and our evaluation the final grade. Wednesday I did finished all my works in afternoon, WordPress and Navigate “Taking Responsibility”. Thursday in the morning I thought I had everything sort it on my WordPress but Erica said that I have to right about my feelings, because my evaluation was too descriptive and I have to say WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY and WHY. Friday I started my Reflective journal during this week and finished my Summer Commission. This week was really different. It’s like I’ve been doing nothing, and just doing the final works on WordPress. Today 22nd May in the morning I’ve been looking my WordPress if I had some spelling mistakes and Tuesday in the morning I finished my Reflective Journal and Erica Dispensed me this week because I have finished my works. And this week the eyes goes to Year 2 for their performance Saint and Sinners. This 2 weeks I’ve been focused on my WordPress and I have done it and proud. Were just a few things that I had to sort on my work and had sure that everything is fine on the right place. From the beginning was a little bit difficult for me to write a new Evaluation and my Reflective Journal because I didn’t know how to write or describe what I was feeling. But what help me was this questions: Did I achieve it? What did we achieve as a group? If I was good? What I did enjoyed doing? What I learn from doing this show?… and it help me write my feelings and my point of view of the Evaluation and my Reflective Journal.


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