Monday 8th May / Friday 12th May


Today during the morning and afternoon in Erica’s lesson and Seasons we run the play “Waiting” and later Erica gave us the feedbacks: “Know where is the audience”, “the service bit need more work”, “more overreacting on the scene with Georgia and Vicky about English Sunday Roast”, “My scene with Max don’t do too much movements on the silence scene”, “there was a bit on the scene with Max that I did great because he didn’t know the next line and I help him and give him the line as a question”, “Samphire this word have to be pronounce very well”, “If you have one line wrong, stay in character”, ”the situation about combi oven, is because we won’t have one so tomorrow (9th May) Erica will show to us where is the combi oven and probably behind of the hall so nobody have to see where is the combi oven, “Reacting to Georgia’s going to Subway”, ”Nice reaction for Kevin’s name”, “emphasis the word WANT for the line “at last Leo someone wants to listen your poetry” ”, “know what’s the next scene”, “take responsibility for the scene you are on or any props”. Today in the morning was really great but in the afternoon I kept forgetting my lines I don’t know why but this Tuesday we are going to rehearsal at 15h in Edmunds Restaurant and I’m so exciting because for me keeping in character or probably adding more characteristics in my character will be so nice to be in the place and studying my steps, where I’m going to put Veronica’s stuff.



Today in Choir in we did exercises to warm up the voice and then we sang “Don’t Stop Belivin’ ”. Next I did go to the room EO.29 in Directed study and doing my Reflective Journal. In Erica’s lesson we saw the rest of the presentations, from Robyn and Kieran (Ami’s presentation we saw yesterday and next we did some work on WordPress). Later we talk about the props that we need for the performance. In seasons we did rehearsal “Waiting” and for the end Erica gave to us some feedbacks: “Volume”, “Well done for the line “Don’t you tell me what to do in my kitchen…well, don’t” you did very well with the power”, “Always STAY in character don’t lose your focus”, “In act2 scene 26 is Vicky and Georgia scene but you came with the girls and stay in the kitchen”. This feedbacks are always good. To grow with them and to know what is good or wrong to your character, if is something that I did wrong. One thing that I had constantly aware is my volume. Because I need to project my voice and my english especially my dictation. I had to make clear for everyone could hear me. I though that I was doing great in my volume but isn’t enough…For the next time I’ll do exercises to the hall and screaming.



In the morning Jai, Robyn and I did go to the shop Denny Bros to see our shirts for the piece “Waiting” and wasn’t ready just the next day (11th May). Lynn’s lesson we did “Italian Run” for the act 2. And Italian Run is where you are in rehearsal and each actors deliver their lines and perform the action at a much faster but to make clear all the words, diction and the movement of your mouth. Later in seasons we had “Vicky” that she was observing Erica’s lesson. So we did some of the scenes that need more work from Act 1. Later we gave feedbacks for the people who had to perform that scene. Feedbacks:

Scene 3 (John, Louise, Donna, Vicky, Georgia, Verónica and Leo) – feedbacks from Kieran and Max: – “Ami speak at the same time than me”, “Know that is my language, overreacting”, “Use the book and check my menu”.

Scene 4 (Louise, John, Donna and Andrew) giving feedback to them: – Ami, smile don’t be so serious when you are talking with Robyn. – Great reaction Donna and John when Andrew arrives. – Kieran, you do too much movements with your hand and hair, be careful with the posture and you do too much face expressions.  – Robyn, you did very well when you helped Kieran with the line. – Ami, volume. – Kieran you supposed to have a wine box case with you. – Ami you are doing great, much better than the other rehearsals. – Kieran, keep the chair in front to the audience, you need to be more seller of wines, you have a tic, don’t stay with your hands and arms on the table because you supposed to had glasses of wine on the table and you forgot the wine box.

Scene 6 (Louise, Donna, John and Derek) giving feedbacks: – Ami, you are saying the lines as a question, great with the gesture “Take a seat”, don’t look up and when you walk don’t look to anyone in the audience and don’t put your fingers in your  mouth when you are saying your lines. Make eye contact with Derek, because you are saying one line and then you look to your IPad and when is the part the CV pause, see in your IPad the CV and then say is impressive. – Max don’t say sorry if you forgot the line, stay in character and when you walk you should shake hands to Ami and Matthew. – Matthew, you were so natural well done.

Scene 9 (Donna, Vicky, Verónica, Georgia, Leo and John) feedbacks from Max, Ami, Kieran: – Mariana, was so natural, professional movements, great volume and face expressions.

Lesson Observation

This time the feedbacks were us, giving the feedbacks to each other and was a good idea because it gave other view in my character it help me. But one thing that was really good, was the fact that everyone was involve to get this right and is our last performance together.



Today in the morning Jai, Robyn, Max and I did go to the shop and bring the shirts for the play. Then we did go to Tesco express to know if they have a carrier wine box, but they didn’t have one. So we decide to go to Waitrose and they gave to us 2 wine boxes. Later when we passed form the shop CO-OP we asked the manager if she had carrier wine box and she told us to go around and find box of wine…but we found green and black boxes! But we didn’t bring the boxes because that boxes belongs to the shop we can took it. Later we took pictures from the cast WAITING. In seasons we did rehearsal and Erica gave us some feedbacks: “Volume”, “Get right the queues”, “Don’t rush the line “It’s good, it’s serious…and what about you? Are you good? Are you serious?” because we need to hear that clearly”.

Today in the morning we were so united and so determinated to find the props and to pick up the T-shirts. When we did go to CO-OP and we found the boxes, we were so happy but when we did go back to the shop the manager said no because that particular boxes belong to the shop. They are desinfected and beck to the shelfs with produts. We were so sad, but we carry on because we had 2 wine boxes and were a possible solution to do a carrier wine box. Because what we were to do is to cut both sides. In rehersal Erica said to me a few feedbacks and I thought probably she forget me or it’s something wrong. Probably she didn’t say nothing because I were “perfect”, but for me what is perfect? because nobody is perfect… so how I know that I was perfect? What I did to be perfect in the eyes of the others persons? Maybe because I have this passion for acting, everything that I see it’s like I’m a director, I don’t want to be a director but yes an actress that have a vision to be more. But I have to carry on what I have been do it,and is working hard my dictation, my english, my performance, corporal expressions, face expressions. To be more understanding and more professional.



Today is the Play and we had to get the props sort it. So Jai and I did go to CO-OP and buy Blackcurrant and apple squash to fill the bottles of wine. Kieran painted the carrier wine box, we all graffiti the lockers, cutting the wine box and do it like a carrier, we get the costumes sort it, Robyn did the liver in a bag and by the end we did rehearsal in Italian Run the all play. After lunch with Erica we did an Italian run in act 2, the first act we did it normally. At 15h20 we did go to Edmunds Restaurant and get the props sort it in the right place and we did a Tech Run, with the people who won’t come at night to see the performance. And they gave to us some feedbacks: – ‘This was an excellent play, well done. One of the best I’ve seen’, ‘You need to increase your volume’, ‘Fun and enjoyable changing room scene.’, ‘Everyone is acting even when not. Eg. Matthew during Leo’s poem’, Slowdown in the second half, don’t speak over one another. , ‘Locker room: slow down and don’t speak over each other.’, ‘Overall I loved it, I thought the play was very funny but also very relevant and thought-provoking’, ‘Sometimes people lingering by the entrance were distracting (visible and not in character)’, ‘Volume sometimes dipped (I didn’t miss much, but I had to listen closely sometimes to hear)’, ‘Comic timing (and pauses for laughs) was great all round, especially Jai.’. After all was really great and we grow so much as a team, and we had a good work ethic. Sometimes I felt so nervous, angry but it worth it. Especially when my English grow too and I’m so happy about it and I have to keep what I been doing to know more my English and feeling more confident.

Today was a lot of tention for everything that we had to do. Is the final day the we must had every props right… Everything was fine but in sort of time evertbody drop that energy and the tension to get right. Probably because we need a break. I was so nervous but exciting at the same time but I didn’t show to them, maybe because to give them some advice and to be calm and give to them good positive vibes….because in my point of view if we have bad vibes everything goes wrong. So I was helping each other in some time I was tired, Probably because I care too much with people and not me and at this time is hard because you want to focus on you but you care about them because me without them, wasn’t a show.



This video is from the beginning when we were doing the Locker Room scene and Bar scene with Robyn, Matthew and Kieran. This day we had to make our scene without any script (because we didn’t have it back in the time) so we had to made it up one scene for our characters.


Tech Run in Edmunds Restaurant


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