Tuesday 2nd May / Friday 5th May


Today we had Choir and the song “All for the Best”, I did research and printed at home the sheet of the song and reading was so much better. But the next sheet was “Don’t stop Belivin’ ” from Glee and was so much easier because I know the song. Next the Level 2s did go to purple haze and rehearsal for the piece Waiting. This week we have one show for the Year 1s (MTs, Actors and Dancers) and the Level 2s and Year 2 didn’t have too much lessons but the rest of the time was to rehearsal our pieces that we were going to perform.



Today in directed study I did some of my Reflective journal from the last week but Ami did ask me if I can help her to learn her lines. Next we had Lynn’s lesson and we talk about “How to do a flyer?” we did go to EO.29 and every single of us had to do a flyer for our piece and give to people. But first we talk to each other and discuss what is more important for a flyer: Name of the play; who wrote/ directed by; date/time; conservatoire EAST presents; book the tickets/money; location; slogan.



Today in the morning the Level 2s did sit together and we run through the piece but some of us wasn’t in the college so the rest of us did the best and especially we did help Ami because she is struggling to know her lines. Next we had Employability and we did exercises and one game about relationships on internet, bulling, and the danger of the internet… Next we supposed to have Han’s lesson but she was doing the Tec. for the piece “Art and Life” so we had to find a space and rehearsal. From the beginning we didn’t found a space so we did talk with Lynn about it and we rehearsal at EO.50… we didn’t had too much space but we did rehearsal…some people aren’t focusing on rehearsal but we did finished. Later I did go to Denis and Bros and I did ask about the price for printed t-shirts for “Waiting”, more for waiters (Donna, Leo, Vicky and Georgia). I get the opportunity and I did go to the restaurant Prezzo and brought some aprons for the waiters and notepads.



Today in warm up with Year 2, Year 2 Technicians and Level 2s we did the subject game and freeze nominated. Next Ami and I we did to the purple haze and I was helping her for she learn the lines, because she is struggling at the moment her lines. In this self-directed time I did print my flyers about the play “Waiting”. In Helena’s lesson we run through the Act 2 and she gave us some feedbacks: “don’t walk out of the scene, just carry on”, “slow my English and speak fast Portuguese”, “careful with DEATH TREATS / I RAISE YOU 10 COUNTRIES”, “the locker room scene with Max was really good, the truffle scene with Jai and the kitchen scene with Max”,” be careful with the line IF YOU PROMISE TO STOP TO BE A MASSIVE SLEAZE… I don’t understand you”, “slowdown in some words because I can’t hear you”. She told for all of us to keep the characters, the volume and the missing lines. By the end of the lesson we did our last movement of the play and we all agreed to all around the restaurant, even Veronica and saying thank you for the customers in the tables. In Erica’s lesson we run through the all play and the act 1 was really bad because was a long time we didn’t rehearsal the act 1 just focusing the act 2.  This time we rehearsal with some props and costumes that I brought (aprons, notepads, chef’s jackets, shoes) and was more realistic. By the end Erica gave to us some feedbacks: “well done to say DEATH TREATS”, “because of your pronunciation we will cut HIT ON ANYONE and change it to CHAT UP”, “your character is almost there but some words we can hear or you lose some words that we don’t understand”. By the end she told us, if we know the lines and someone is struggling or doesn’t remember to help each other. At this time we should be worried about the props so we need: aprons, ipad, cheeseburger, cheeseburger box, subway sandwich, wines or a box with wines, notepads, pens, t-shirts with the logo of the restaurant, lockers, bottle of wine for the locker room, chocolate truffle, glasses for Leo, one card or note for Georgia, bags with clothes for the changing locker room scene. For Veronica I’ve been thinking that she will need: the uniform for the kitchen, pen, her book with the menu, bag with her uniform, bottle of whisky from Greece.


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