Monday 24th April / Friday 28th April


Today I had an interview with Helena talking about the auditions and going to Level 3 next year. And she told me that my English need to grow more that I have to practice more English and the audition video, some words she couldn’t understand me. So we decide with Lynn, have more extra English lessons to know the sound of the words. Later in Season the Level 2s did go to Purple Haze and rehearsal WAITING.



Auditions Day



Today in Directed Study, I had a lesson with Lynn about my pronunciation in English and we talk about some sound and the different pronunciations especially the R and FOR. The rest of Directed Study I write my Reflective Journal and deliver my lines from WAITING.




Today in Employability we did talk about ONLINE RELATIONSHIPS! I really enjoyed to talk about online relationships because is something that is really important nowadays and be careful with the things that we do on internet or smartphones especially ICloud. In Han’s lesson we run the play and by the end we sit together and we did talk about the rehearsal time. Because in rehearsals time we have been messing around and we don’t respect the other person that is saying the line from the script and we discuss about it and we agree to have more respect from the others and stop to messing around and being focus on the play…Especially is our last project together if we are falling apart for the next year.



Today we did go to the Cinema and we watch Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. And was amazing, I really love it especially when Viola said her speech and I deliver the monologue too. Because was my monologue from the beginning of the year. Since there, I’ve been loving Twelfth Night, is such a story. Next we had rehearsal with Erica and basically we did the 2 Act and blocked. By the end Erica gave to us some feedbacks. And for me she said that he second Act I was good but when I have to say the line: “And what about you? Are you good? Are you serious?” –  To be more worried / “Your name’s really Kevin?” – To laugh, because is a joke / “You’re wearing a skirt!” – be more realist, a little bit more aggressive.


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