Tuesday 18th April / Friday 21st April

Tuesday 18th

Today we had Choir with Hannah Schofield and we did rehearsal the song “All for the best”. Next I did rehearsal my monologues for the auditions. I was nervous because my modern I wasn’t so ready and I rather do Shakespeare then the Modern. In the afternoon was Erica’s lesson but today was the auditions day and the judges was Erica, Gary and Nigel. This auditions is for the Level3 for the next year. Later we had Season Session with Erica and Lynn and we did and talk about how to doing Stand-Up Comedy. This Season was really cool because I like Stand-Up Comedy and everything to laugh, and this was an exercise that will help me in terms how to write a Stand-Up Comedy, that could talk about us, or any experience in life or even about some relatives(family, friends). We talk too about how to hold a microphone and have to be close to your chest because you talk to the audience hear and see your face. For the end we did some exercises about some topics and doing a Stand-Up in each group.


Wednesday 19th

Today in Directed Study the Level 2s did some rehearsals but some of them were in GCSE in Maths. Next we didn’t had Lynn’s lesson because she were with the Year 1 or Year 2 for some presentations. In those time we did go to the shed (Level 2) and rehearsal. Later I had to go to Australia House to attend one friend of mine to be her model and she had to do me make-up and dress me as Diana Ross for her assessment.



Thursday 20th

Today in register Gary brought to us one exercise about “Maths for Life”. And in that piece of paper had 3 questions and in pairs or in groups we had to read and resolve the questions and answer. But the enigma was about the Course “Performing Arts”, how many students apply per year for the course…Next I did go to the library and write my Reflective journal. In Employability John did talk with us about the works that we have to do and we have to update in the lesson. But before we did go to holidays I did the work about Mental Health and Budgeting. In Han’s lesson we did block our piece Waiting and Han give us some feedbacks. For me, she said that I was good but she couldn’t understand some words and about the Portuguese lines, she told me that I supposed to react more. But today I wasn’t feeling ok, was too much stress but in Han’s lesson I wasn’t feeling ok and I did delivery the lines because I had to that’s why some words doesn’t come out, basically wasn’t VERONICA SILVA on the stage but yes Mariana.


Friday 21st

Today all the tutor had a Conference in the Theatre so we didn’t have Helena’s lesson. In Purple Haze the Level 2s did rehearsal the piece Waiting. Was great to have everyone to rehearsal the piece but Matthew had an appointment so he wasn’t here…but Matthew is not a problem because he knows all his lines out off book. In Seasons, Erica we block the piece and I did off book and I think I did well. Today was a good day because I brace myself and I delivery the lines without the script in my hand. I was very confident and optimism that will be fine.


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