Today 18th April was the auditions day for the Level 3. For the beginning I was really nervous. I was wonder what I’m going to learn first? And I thought to do the Modern: The Gratitude List by Gabriel Davis because was easier for me, not the Shakespeare Monologue with the old language but what I did first was the Shakespeare and was more easier learn it then the Modern and I had some struggles to remember. I did rehearsal all the time specially Shakespeare because is a hard monologue and to know them is a little bit complicated but I did learn the all monologue one day and knowing all the sentences and words that I didn’t know, and how to express in some sentences and repeat over and over till I had more confident with the Shakespeare. With the Modern I spend one day and half learn it because I didn’t remember some words or even sentences but till the auditions I had some struggles to do the Modern one but in sort point I rather did Shakespeare then the Modern. Then I was waiting for my turn till then I was memorizing the Modern one. Was my turn and I wasn’t nervous. I get in and gave to Gary my Acting CV. I did say the names of my monologues (Shakespeare and Modern), and they choose the Shakespeare and I was so happy when Gary said Shakespeare because I was really confident with this one so I did the monologue and I did jump 3 lines that I really like the most and I keep going and I did great and I think they didn’t know that I block for moments but the rest of it was great. Next Gary asked me why I choose Paulina’s monologue, how I felt to be in this course, if my family support me to do what I’m doing, 3 things to achieve for the Level3… I did say to them that I choose Paulina’s monologue because she is a strong women and she fight for the true and she defend the Queen Hermione because she was innocent, I did say too that for the beginning was really hard for me because I didn’t had the language and I can’t really understand some words or even the conversation but till where I am now, I grow up a lot my English and my performance, and my family doesn’t support me like I wanted but they understand that what I’m going to do even if they don’t like it, but the end they have to support me and 3 things was my English…and I couldn’t think of anything so I did say English, English and  English. What I did like was their expressions and was really comfortable to talk with them. Nigel was a surprise for me because I don’t know him, just on the corridor when we pass by. But to have other person to see your evaluation that doesn’t know you is great because he can be honest in what he saw about my audition. But Nigel said that didn’t understand what I said on my Shakespeare monologue but my expressions and my attitudes show him what I’m talking about and he said to me that he like my performance (Gary and Erica too) and he said that are some actors that perform but don’t say too much about but there are some actors that performs and talk like response correctly and it’s beautiful to watch and I belong there. Was not bad the auditions and I was really nervous and with some fear that something could go wrong (it did but I fix it in the moment) but the end was really perfect.


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