Monday 27th March / Friday 31st March

Monday 27th March

Today in Erica lesson we did read the Act 2 of the new performance “Waiting”. We blocked the Act 2 and later we talk about the Assignment, because we were discuss about the Task 3 and Friday we will present our presentations for our character from the piece. Next we did WordPress. In Season Session we did games with Erica and this time was all about TRUST. We have to trust our partner in theatre because you don’t know what is going to happen and you need a friend that you can trust and be helpful for you or you for him/her. Today was a good day was very confident and I thought that today is the presentation day because I wanted to do in that day. But Erica said if I want I could do it…then I thought no…I will do it Friday because we have time to do it. I was really happy with the Act 2, because I was so exciting to see the end of the script. But Erica still finish the really end.


Tuesday 28th March

Audition Day


Wednesday 29th March

Today in Directed Study I did the Task 5 from the Assignment and my reflective journal. In Lynn’s lesson we did talk with Japanese’s, because they were here in the college to practice English. And we go there to ask some questions and they did the same. The Japanese’s help me as a performer because I had to talk laughter and a clear English. My tone of voice was normal and I stay with eye contact with them and a good listener, because they speak English very well. In Season Session we did read 2 plays: “How you will fare, Sonny?” And “Elvis has left the building”…we discuss the plays, what is wrong with them, if was a good play-reading. In my opinion is that the first play-reading I did understand but the second one have too much talk but have a lot of details and keep the suspense.


Thursday 30th March

Today in Employability we did a PowerPoint about Mental Health and I did about Eating Disorder.  In Han’s lesson we did see the act 2 “Much Ado for Nothing” by William Shakespeare. The second part Claudio did refuse to marry with Hero but she was innocent, he thinks that she betray him with some men in the party. Beatrice and Benedick confess about their love for each other but Beatrice beg to Benedick to kill Claudio because Claudio did kill Hero for disgust, when appears one man telling the truth…and Claudio did not believe what the man did say and he cry thinking that Hero have killed for her love to Claudio. Claudio wants to kill himself but he could because he saw Hero but he was too much drunk to know the truth. The next morning he supposed to marry with one of the niece’s Leonato when Hero shows her face and get married with Claudio. Benedick ask Beatrice to marry with him. She denied saying to everybody that she don’t love him and Benedick the same. But Hero have a letter from Beatrice telling her love to Benedick and Claudio have a letter from Benedick telling his love for Beatrice so they did get married too. Don John did ran away and he was punished about he have done to broke with Claudio marriage with Hero.


Friday 31st March

Today we did some games with Year 2 and Year 2 Productions. Next we supposed to have Helena lesson but she was late for the presentations for the 1 year…but the rest of the time we had we did worked more on the bit of the dance for the performance “Waiting”. In Erica’s lesson we did block the act 2 and Erica gave to us the last 5 pages for the end. Later we did the presentations about our characters.



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