Summer Comission – Task 2

Restaurant research



  • What’s your name ? João Baptista
  • How old are you ? I’m 34 years old
  • How long you’re being here in this company/restaurant ? I’m in this company for 9 years and 3 months (since 3 December 2007).
  • Do you like to work here ? If I like to work here? Of course, I’m happy to work here with my strong team.
  • Did you worked in others restaurants/ company ? I did started in Sudbury Suffolk, then I move to Havertill and the last one at the moment Bury St. Edmunds.
  • It’s a pression to work in the kitchen? The pression in my work place is to HIGH because we must have the knowledge and all of the rules like Health and Safety / Basic Food Hygiene…Rules from the Governement Envirommental Health Officer.
  • Do you have to do preparations ? Normally what you have to do ? Everyday I have to do fresh preparations on day basis, like, fresh vegetables, choopped guarnish and toppings. And sometimes we need to do more preparations for the busy time.
  • What is you favourite part about being a Chef? My favourite part to be a Chef, is that I can control my staff, not like a Chef but yes like a leader.
  • Have you worked long shifts before ? Do you have day-off’s ? Hahaha…yes, I have worked long shifts before, because I’m a Chef and I need to look for the kitchen, staff and paperworks. Sometimes I have day-off’s, and on my day-off’s the Sous Chef Carlos Marques control the kitchen.
  • How do you stay organized in the kitchen? I have to stay organized in the kitchen! I have to training my team, to help me everyday…not help me but everyone and to be more helpful being organized.
  • Do you have a great staff in the kitchen ? Yes, I have a great team ! Actually they are lovely…everyone!
  • What would you if some costumer tried to combine some special order that can’t be combined ? I always have to try to explain to the costumer or to the Manager because they are some kinds of dishes that it’s impossible to combine with others flavours.
  • What you feel when some costumer complains about your food ? How you deal with the situation ? Always apologize and offer a new dish from the Menu, to the guest could stay happy and then offer a dessert on the house.
  • Tell me about a difficult situation and how you handlet it ? A difficult situation is to have full house and all the tickets came to the kitchen. Because you have to stay focus and be cohesive with the team and control the tickets on front.
  • Is there a chef you admire the most ? Why ? Gordon Ramsay ! Because he makes the simplest and lovely dishes with full of taste.
  • Tell me something that you really love what you do ? I love what I do because is on my blood. To feel the pression, the sound and smell of the food and beauty of it.

Thank you Chef João for everything !







Observations in restaurants could be different from restaurants to restaurants…in the kitchen work is hard, it’s dirty, it’s hot and it’s high pressure.  It’s a serious environment with everybody moving at top speed.  And the environment is actively a hell.  Pretty much everything is either hot, flaming, steaming, slick or sharp. I have been in a lots of restaurants… 7 types Portuguese restaurants, 2 English and 1 French. They are very different in terns of dishes and concepts…but they have something in commun and it’s the pression and the responsability to have a kitchen organized and it’s hard to keep it together. But in the kitchen is always like this : sometomes busy, sometimes not so busy and depend the season time, there are always someone cut the finger, get burn, fall in the floor…even burned food or forget someting in the oven.




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