Monday 20th March / Friday 24th March

Monday 20th March

Today in Erica’s lesson we did read the Script and we run the act1. Next we did some works on WordPress. Today I was very confident and really happy to do this performance I had been thinking more about my character, the more I perform, the more ideas came in my head. For me so far is doing very well. I didn’t had problems with my scenes but what I had to be more attention is my dictation. One thing that was great and I  had more time to do it is the Assessment Criteria Task2 and 3 the deadline was in 13th March but was a mistake from Erica it’s supposed to be 31st March. Glad to know that because I really had to finish the Task 2 and 3 but the Task3 I already did that, I just need to do the PowerPoint. In Season Sessions was all about theatre games and was helpful to develop some skills in Theatre.


Tuesday 21st March

Today in Choir was with Hannah Schofield. We did sing the song “All for the Best”. This song is a little bit different than the others because it’s very fast and I can’t catch up all the long, there are some versus that I can sing but the other is really fast for me. What I have to do is to ask one colleague to do photocopies for the song and learn it at home or when I have self-directed study.
Next we had Directed Study and I did some works for WordPress. In self-directed study all the Level’2 did rehearsals the script “Waiting” and was really good. We gave some feedbacks, what is good to do or not…was a great initiative because we all want to the best to the performance be perfect and we don’t want to fail. In Erica’s Lesson we did talk about Acting CV’s I didn’t catch up all the lesson because I had some problems FAMILY ISSUES and I did talk with Neal but then I did go back to the lesson and start to do the Acting CV. Before doing the CV’s Gary pop in and gave to us the Audition Feedback and on the paper we said that I’m a natural performer and lovely to watch but I need to work on the materials well and I didn’t singing properly because I didn’t know the song. In Season Session with Lynn we did some exercises for voice and what kind of voice that we supposed to do when the character is a monster… We did an exercise in pairs that we had to pay attention for the person in front of us and watch the person for what they are doing and the movements. Was a great exercise to find a voice, if is low, high or medium like my voice.


Wednesday 22nd March

In directed study I did finished the Acting CV and my reflective journal. In Lynn’s lesson we did the Act 1 and Lynn gave us some feedbacks special two or three for me. She told me about my tone of voice…that sometimes I got the right tone (up and down) but in others doesn’t work and to be more careful in terms of my tone that goes up and down. Other feedback that she told me was some words that I had to get it right like “spiced” and “pickled” and work on this words about the sound of the words. The feedback for all of us was: the reactions – remember where the focus is/ characterization (voice, tone, movements, reactions)/ be careful with the space of the room and be laud enough/ known your character/ ask myself a few questions (the character)/ always give permission to give an idea to your partner or colleague/ respect the director when you have a suggestion.

What do I want? I want to be an excellent chef who wants to achieve more

Where I am? I’m in the restaurant in Bury St. Edmunds in England

What I’m doing? I’m doing preparations for the kitchen

Who I am? I’m Verónica, Portuguese Chef

What is my fear? To fail

What is my goal? Going back to Portugal and open a restaurant with my boyfriend Carlos

Why I’m here? My friend Carl had an emergency and he need my help for 6 months

In Self-Directed study all the Level’2 did rehearsals in the sheds.

In Season Session we did saw “The Taming of the Shrew” William Shakespeare.


Thursday 23rd March

Today in Employability was really good because we did talk about Discrimination. This topic have always to be talked…Racism, Sexual orientation… In Han’s lesson we did saw more the play “Much Ado about Nothing” this time we didn’t had too much problems with the video but sometimes did stop. Till the end of act 1 a lot of things happened… since the last lesson, Leonato awaits the arrival of Don Pedro, Claudio and Benedick.  Leonato’s niece Beatrice do jokes to Benedick he doesn’t like it and they start to begin telling insults… Claudio tells Benedick he is in love with Leonato’s daughter Hero. Benedick jokes with him, and tells Don Pedro all about it. Claudio and Hero they were engaged but Hero thinks that her cousin Beatrice love Claudio but actually she is in love with Benedick but she don’t want to tell nobody. Benedick loves Beatrice but he thinks that she is in love with Claudio.



Friday 24th March

Today in warm up with Year 2 we did: The clap game, Mr. Wolf and Duck and Goose. In Helena’s lesson we did movements for the performance “Waiting”, and was very easy for me to find the movements for one of the scenes. We did stay in 3 groups: Waiters – Jaime-Leigh, Ebony and Max / Bar – Matthew and Robyn / Kitchen – Mariana. We did some topics of what we had to do. And with that topics we had to make a movement.

On this video I did first, slow 1x, medium 2x and fast 2x. I did very well the medium and the fast but I was a little bit fast in the slow beat, then I had to stop and listen to Helena and give me the count.

In Erica’s lesson we did run the act 1 and on Season Session. This time I did without the script on my hand and was a little bit hard but I did it, but I sometimes I had to old the script on my hand to ensure that every line was good or not. We did rehearsal the movement that we did with Helena and we did include it to rehearsal that scene. Erica gave to us some feedbacks. – If we know that the line is a joke don’t show that you know. / – we need to practice more the service time and to be quicker delivery the lines / – if you are not in the scene don’t sit down on the stage… Erica told me that If I want I can change the Menu…because I did learn the line but is really hard for me to say it and I’m allowed to choose a new Menu. For the end we gave feedback to each other.


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