Auditions Pieces and Rehearsals


Winter’s Tale Act 3 scene 2


What studied torments, tyrant, hast for me?
What wheels? racks? fires? what flaying? boiling?
In leads or oils? what old or newer torture
Must I receive, whose every word deserves
To taste of thy most worst? Thy tyranny
Together working with thy jealousies,
Fancies too weak for boys, too green and idle
For girls of nine, O, think what they have done
And then run mad indeed, stark mad! for all
Thy by-gone fooleries were but spices of it.
That thou betray’dst Polixenes,’twas nothing;
That did but show thee, of a fool, inconstant
And damnable ingrateful: nor was’t much,
Thou wouldst have poison’d good Camillo’s honour,
To have him kill a king: poor trespasses,
More monstrous standing by: whereof I reckon
The casting forth to crows thy baby-daughter
To be or none or little; though a devil
Would have shed water out of fire ere done’t:
Nor is’t directly laid to thee, the death
Of the young prince, whose honourable thoughts,
Thoughts high for one so tender, cleft the heart
That could conceive a gross and foolish sire
Blemish’d his gracious dam: this is not, no,
Laid to thy answer: but the last,—O lords,
When I have said, cry ‘woe!’ the queen, the queen,
The sweet’st, dear’st creature’s dead,
and vengeance for’t
Not dropp’d down yet.

I did choose this monologue because I think this character is perfect to me. The way she said this monologue, the way she aboard to the King of Siciliana, her anger to defend her innocent friend. That’s why I did choose this monologue, I’m like her.



The Gratitude List by Gabriel Davis

Maggie is speaking to a girlfriend who is struggling with finding peace and happiness in her life.  Maggie, it seems, has found the answer in gratitude lists …

You need a gratitude list.  It will literally change your life.

So for awhile Steve and I were going through a rough patch.  And Steve’s a fixer, right?  He got all these books on happiness and how to be more fulfilled in life.  One of the things all these books said was keep a gratitude list.  You know, it’s scientifically proven to increase your level of satisfaction with your life.

At first I was skeptical.   Steve was adamant it would fix us and everyday was making these gratitude lists of “10 things I’m grateful for” and reading them to me.

His lists were like, “I’m grateful to have a beautiful wife to share my life with. Grateful for her smile that lights me up inside, grateful for her lips that kiss me so softly, grateful for her mind that engages me…”  Etcetera, etcetera to 10 everyday.  And everyday he’d be like, “let me hear yours.”  And everyday I didn’t have one, I couldn’t think of anything.

But good old Steve has never left a project unfinished in his life.  He just kept on the way he does, quietly, calmly, steadily, endlessly encouraging me to write one.  Sort of like Chinese water torture.  Haha.

So finally, I’m like, ok Steve!  And I write a list and I read it to him.

Things I’m grateful for:
-The quiet intimacy of taking bubble baths alone
-Earplugs and the lock on the bathroom door
-A comfortable bed to sleep in
-The sound of Steve sleeping nearby on the couch
-Sex; doing it for myself with myself
-Lots of closet space, with Steve’s stuff in the spare room
-Spending more time with my family, who never liked Steve
-Knowing that the female life expectancy is longer than the male’s
-Steve’s family history of heart disease
-Inspiring stories of second marriages

So after I read my list to Steve, he’s all critical of it, like “That’s only 9 things and you’re supposed to have 10” and then he began weeping uncontrollably.  Not long after that Steve filed for divorce.  I added another item to my gratitude list

10- Getting divorced from Steve!

I can’t say enough about these gratitude lists and their power to improve your life and lift your mood.  I’ve never been happier!!


I did choose this monologue because all of my last performances was very serious. All the characters that I did had pain, power, kindness and some did suffer along the performance. That’s why I choose a comic monologue, because I know I have a nice comic humour, although I don’t speak very well English. So I decide to risk and have a try.


I did some rehearsals at home, the place that I feel so confident and give more strengths and the capacity to learn my monologues. I didn’t start to rehearsal the Shakespeare monologue because I want to do the easy one and then the Shakespeare. This Shakespeare monologue this time is very hard for me because had too much complicated words but some words I did talk with Lynn in one of her lesson. I did try learn my MODERN monologue on my work and didn’t work of course too much noise and tables to do.


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