Tuesday 14th March / Friday 17th March

Tuesday 14th March

Today in Directed Study I had the opportunity to work on my WordPress. In Erica’s lesson we did talk about Drama School what we have on mind, and if we are going to University or Drama School. We did some research about school or universities that we are looking to study. I did research about AMDA Drama School and Institute of Arts Barcelona…I was really looking forward to AMDA because have everything that I’m looking, and it is: Tv’s, Films, Series and in New York City or Los Angeles. Today was second round for the auditions for BONNIE AND CLYDE… I was really nervous because I really can’t sing and to learn the song on that short space of time. For the first part we had sing “You’re going back to jail” together (boys and girls), next we had to stay in groups of 3 (2 girls and 1 boy) and I knew the song but when was my time to sing, I couldn’t! I was going to slow and I needed to be a little bit fast…but they understand me because I wasn’t in last Monday 13th, so they told me to listen a few times the song and get back to the line. When I get back was a little bit better than before… next I had to sing in front of Han and Paul and they told me that I have a nice tone…but that I was good in front of them than the all group. By the end was really fun, and I hadn’t to feel nervous, but yes confident.


Wednesday 15th March

Today in Lynn’s lesson we did read our new script for the new play “Waiting” by Erica Dupuy. The script is hilarious and I’m so glad to have this opportunity to have a script just for us Level’2. Till now I loving the script and this is just the act 1 and I was really exciting and very curious to know the script because some of them had the script on Monday and I wasn’t on that day. What I have to look at and practice more is my dictation and some meanings words but I know that I’ll get it right.


Thursday 16th March

Today in Employability we did talk about Mental Health and we saw a video about food on the mood.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIqUtPfFhno

In Han’s lesson we did start to see William Shakespeare we had some problems with the internet or really with the Digital Theatre. But so far I’m liking the story. Is about love, marriage, mistakes, understandings… the language is a little bit hard to understand but with the help of the video I can see what they are doing or saying…but till know I’m liking the play and is fun.


Friday 17th March

Today was the SHOWCASE performance

Jamie – Junk monologue

Chloe, Liam, Robyn and Sophie – Fight for me from Heathers

Ebony – Lunch in Venice monologue

Liam and Matthew – Dead parrot sketch

Beth and Mia – Anyone else but you by the Moldy Peaches from Juno

Sabrina – The libertine monologue

Mia and Sophie – Congratulations from Hamilton

Mariana and Jaime-Leigh – SlimQuick duologue

Robyn – Keeping Tom Nice monologue

Sophie – Mama who Bore me from Spring Awakening

Robyn and Beth – The dark I know well form Spring Awakening

Jess – Othello monologue

Ami – You’ll never walk alone from Carousel

Chloe – Dance to Let’s hear it for the boy from Footloose

…and was really nice… me and Jaime-Leigh we did rehearsal for showcase and we had some ideas and was really good to see…the more we did, the more we had more ideas. In this showcase we had a laptop, PowerPoint SlimQuick, cat food, clipboards and one table.

To found the cat food in pink packaging was hard but I found it so I decide to put a piece of paper and write SlimQuick. I was really nervous for the performance but I felt less nervous when we all stay together as a group and support each other and by the end everyone love it.

Gluttony Sketch

Next was Erica’s lesson and we did read the script and after we did the scenes to have an idea what we are going to do.  In season session we had a discussion with Lynn and Helena about what we are going to do at this time.

Monday – improv / Tuesday – Shakespeare and other long frocks…dragon weekend / Wednesday – murder mystery (up to Easter) / Thursday – murder mystery cast/ Friday – Level’2 rehearsal; theatre games and songs.

We sang a song “Heart and Soul”  http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/deanmartin/heartandsoul.html

And we did read a poem: “Heart, Mind, Body and Soul”

Desire ensnares the heart;
Infatuation captivates the mind;
Passion inflames the body;
And Love, Love consumes the soul…

Hearts can break;
Minds do falter;
Bodies ultimately fail;
And Souls, Souls become trapped…

But if one nurtures the heart;
Stimulates the mind;
Worships the body;
And feeds, feeds the Soul…

Hearts can beat in unison;
Minds will think in kind;
Bodies move as one;
And our Souls, our Souls will be free..


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