Unit 8 – Progression Task 1

I have been researching a Drama School or Universities. The Drama school that I’m looking is AMDA

In this Drama School I have 2 campus: in New York and Los Angels



  • In this Drama School I would love to go because is in USA (The campus in New York or Los Angeles). They have a DEGREE PROGRAM or CONSERVATOIRE PROGRAM. The Degree Program offers a wide range of performance training for stage, film and television. The intense eight-term curriculum rigorous range of academic-based studies also provides numerous opportunities for onstage production and performance experience. The Conservatoire Program is a rigorous four-term, performance-based curriculum designed to prepare students for careers in stage, film or television. Prepares actors to enter the performing industry with skill, confidence and a professional work ethic.


The University is Institute of the Arts Barcelona



  • In this University they have BA (Hons) Acting and is designed for students who wish to undergo a vocational, practical and specific training and education as an actor for stage and screen. The program provides the opportunity to develop as a creative artist, able to work and thrive in multiple contexts and creative environments. And able to seize opportunities, and make your own opportunities in stage, film, television, musical theatre, physical theatre, community theatre practice, and education. The degree will also allow you to progress on to further postgraduate / Master degree studies in Europe and the USA


I’m looking more for AMDA School that is an amazing School and the amazing Programs that I’m looking forward.


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