Monday 6th March / Friday 10th March

Monday 6th March

This week are the performances from Bent and Lillies on the Land, and this week will have less colleagues in lesson because some of them are on Bent’s or Lillies. They will be some day that Erica could have a lesson with us because she’s needed to be in the Theatre, as she is the Director of Lillies on the Land with Lynn.

Today in Erica’s lesson we did go to the sheds because we couldn’t go to the theatre for the premiere of Bent tonight. But in this lesson we had been working in groups of 3… I, Jamie-Leigh and Ebony (GROUP 1) / Robyn, Matthew and Kieran (GROUP 2) and which of us had to do one scene. Group 1 – we had to create one scene that we are gossip in the locker room about boys, work and Leo (Henry’s character). Group 2 – they had to talk about wine, as Kieran’s character is a wine expert but Matthew’s and Robyn’s character don’t like Wine experts because they talk craps. Next we did a game similar of SPAGUETTI and we had to go to the centre and say one phrase (was on the bottle) with an emotion for example: You are going to say this phrase teaching someone… next we did read our monologues Shakespeare and Contemporary. This lesson for me was very good I was really exciting to do the scene and was really normally because I have a vision for my character and for the end was really funny. But when was the time to read our monologues I was really nervous. Was just to read for the colleagues and Erica but I was a little bit nervous because of my English. I read before the both monologues for myself and was good, but when is the time to read something in front of them I’m always nervous probably because I don’t want to let them down for my English so at this time a prefer to be quiet. The contemporary was good, still one or 3 words that I couldn’t say but was fine. The Shakespeare monologue? Was a nightmare for me…first of all the language is so antique that no one talk more and for me was really hard…The Twelfth Night – Viola monologue or The Tempest – Prospero wasn’t that hard but this monologue is killing me but I will do it because I like to risk to grow up. After the lunch I did go to the library do some works for the Assignment 4.


Tuesday 7th March

Today in choir was so fun. I really enjoy the lesson today, I sang like I was a professional but I’m not. But I was feeling the song Joyful, Joyful and this time we did complete the song and was really good, maybe because I love the movie and I heard before the song. But today in choir was brilliant. Next I did go to the library and do some work because today we hadn’t Erica as she had the premiere with Lynn and the cast Lillies on the Land. So I did spend the day in the library working and research about some words in English for the Shakespeare monologue but what I did the most was the Assignment 4 research about Restaurants and write about my character. In Showcase we did run the things that we have, monologues, dance, music, comedy…and every person who had a go Jess wrote on the board what we need for the performance.


Wednesday 8th March

Today in Lynn’s lesson we did some exercises to be connected with the character, how to feel some emotions moving – do it with movements. We had a sentence “Everyone is a star and had the opportunity to shine”…and on this sentence we had to say to a partner (who was Ebony) and we had to say it with an emotion between us. The next exercise was to pick two words or one phrase from our monologues (could be Shakespeare or Contemporary). Every single of us had the opportunity to say the words or a phrase with an emotion. This exercise is not about us but yes about the character and how to show to the audience what the character feels. In Showcase we did rehearsals our peace’s and talk what is good or not good because the Showcase is the next Friday 17th March. This was a great day…what I loved the most was Lynn’s lesson, because was something different and good for me to express the character not me. After all this is Theatre with different characters and to embrace the characters not us.



Thursday 9th March

Today in the morning me and Jamie-Leigh we worked on our duologue for the Showcase. In Employability we had to finish the Budget exercise to start the new subject…Health. But on this lesson when we had started the new subject, I had to talk with Neal about what is going wrong or if there’s something that is great or if I had some struggles being on this course. Next was Han’s lesson and on this lesson we did see the rest of the play “Private Lives” by Noel Coward comedy, directed by Jonathan Kent. This second part, I really liked because they’re in Paris and there was an old lady and was so funny. She had the job to clean the room and to serve them if they ask for something. When she came into the room, she started to speak French and say that the room is disgusting, everyplace was a mess and the food is not food. But what was more funniest, was the respective couples in Paris constantly arguing and by the end, the couple were married before, they did run away again in the middle of the discussion between their respective couples. This play was really funny, the idea of the couples, running away to Paris and everything in one stage. The first stage was about the vacations, both couples and the second stage (with a lot of props in years 20, with a lots of details) in Paris, with a simple “turn stage”.

Private Lives

This day was normal, there is some Thursdays that I don’t like because the Employability lessons. Sometimes is hard for me, there are some words that I don’t understand, but with some sentences I understand what they are saying.


Friday 10th March

Today in warm up with year 2 Productions, year 2 Actors and Level 2, we did subject game and Chinese whisper. In Chinese whisper game I had a moment and I decide to leave the game. Because when we was doing the game for the beginning was ok, but in the middle the circle was just about laughing and to say words that nobody say it before… But for me, in my point of view this is a game about respect, understanding, comprehension…not to have fun because it’s just a game. I’m foreign and the only one in that room between English people doing Chinese whisper, it’s a little bit hard…every single of us had different sounds and pronunciation. For example if someone had the word and the person turn to say the word for me, I have to stay focus and concentrated to heard the word, but if you are saying to me really fast and really low, how can I understand the word or phrase? I can’t… if I give the word in Portuguese? Of course no one will understand it, because is in Portuguese. When I did say that I wanted to try to say one word, everybody looked at me like they were afraid that I will say something that they will not understand. But in my point of view I’m going to say something that everybody knows, not “joking around”…but was just a game. Next was the Trip to ExCel London – Move it! To see expositions about Dance, Musical Theatre, Performing arts… I did like it, was really fun to see a lot of people chasing for their dreams and to do much more for what they were doing for the moment. Ami and I were walking around together and we found many things, amazing (more for her). MOVE IT was more about Dance and Music Theatre…what I really like is Drama and I was faithful to find more about Drama schools not here in England but in USA. Gladding that I found 2. The first that I found was about studying in Los Angeles or New York City for 2 years. The lady was so nice and talked what I had to do to be in AMDA school, that have to learn 2 monologues for the auditions and for me is the best because I have 23 years old and I’m up to do 2 years or if I would like, I can do it for 4 years if I want to go to the college in NYC or LA. The second was to find talents in England and bring them to USA. This I didn’t sign in because what I’m more concerned is about my English. I want to be more focus on my English. To write, I’m really confident but to speak not so confident. I need to practice more my English. That’s why I want to stay here in West Suffolk College for more 2 years to get better my English. This MOVE IT was really good to have more information’s for what you are going to do, and the next move that we have to do, was really informative. What I liked too, was the fact that I still like dance. I always dance (not like professionally) but I didn’t had the opportunity to express my dance and to see all his persons dancing. I was really joyful to be part on this journey seeing this people happy to fight what they want to be, got me more motivated to do what I want and to risk others topics…to get out of mu comfort zone. To the end, was getting more boring. Because we saw everything and we were walking and walking over and over that we already saw before.

Move it

ExCel London



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