Monday 27th February /Wednesday 1st March

Monday 27th February

Today in warm up we did 2 games Spaghetti and Zip Zap… Zip Zap was the first time I did this game and was fun. So we are in circle one person start to say ZIP   to the person from the left or right and pass it on to the next person, if one person want to say to the other person in front of her have to say ZAP and if you want to block the ZIP you say BUBBLE. Next was Erica’s lesson and this lesson we talk about the new Assignment and our Characters.

Ami – Manager – Louise

Max – Drag (apply to work in the restaurant) – Derek Berry / Honey D Night

Jamie-Leigh – Waitress (in love) – Georgia Campbell

Henry – Waiter (spoken word poet) – Leonardo Winston / Kevin Brown

Ebony – Waitress (from Australia) – Vicky Braxton

Robyn – Barmaid (she have a secret) – Donna Jones

Matthew – Director Manager  – John Prailine

Me – Portuguese Chef – Verónica Silva

Everyone wrote is own character, the name for the character and we discuss how the person can be, the age, how the character get where it is…


Vignette – word from photography small photo

  • Short story linked together
  • In theatre


Next we did some works on WordPress. In the afternoon, about the Showcase we met together to run every peace that we got to show to everyone. Today was an excellent day because every day I felt that I’m improving a lot and that’s is a great goal for me.



Tuesday 28th February

Today in Choir was really good for me! I felt the energy and confident to sing “Joyful, Joyful”…and for me was really impressive. I don’t sing but sometimes I lose a little bit and this time like today was really impressive for me maybe because I love this song from Sister Act 2. In Directed Study I did some research about the monologues (Shakespeare and Contemporary) know more about the playwright and the story.

The Gratitude List

Winter’s Tale Act 3 Scene 2 – Paulina


In Erica’s lesson we did talk about how to do Evaluation if we can ‘t write it…and Erica explain to us that we can explore and to recordings: Audio, Video or even Screen Recording. Me, Matthew and Jamie-Leigh, we did an experience doing screen recording; Henry and Robyn did audio recording; Max and Ebony did video recording. Erica did explain how to do the screen recording using Quicktime Player so we did a test and was good but for the first test was a little bit awkward because the first test I was close to Matthew and Jamie-Leigh and we did the test experience at the same time and the audio was creepy but Erica did help me to stop the weird sound from the computer. But the second time was really good I did the recording but I didn’t speak was just a test and actually is a good idea, from the beginning I was afraid to recording me as a video or audio because in my point of view I’m a better writer than speaker. I was really scared…but then I did the screen recording and was great in the next journal life I can do a screen recording from videos that I want to include on WordPress. But I have to do this screen recordings or audio or video in computers MAC… I don’t have it but I can do in the college which is great for me but I still don’t like this kind of computers is really complicated but at the same time is good to involve others things that we are not using daily, to get out of our “comfort zone” it’s always good to change and since I came here I’m always evaluating and experience all different opportunities to be engage to the theatre. In Showcase we did discuss the Running order but we decide to open and to close the show we all are going to sing and we did sang some songs from Avenue Q. The Showcase is doing well and it’s a great feeling being part of this project and grow from small thoughts that we can arrange and do things that we love on the show.


Wednesday 1st March

Today in Directed Study I did some research about the play “Winter’s Tale” from William Shakespeare. The story is basically the King of Siciliana Leones his married to Hermoine the Queen of Siciliana and he thinks that her wife betrayed one him with his best friend Polixenes King of Bohemia and said the child that she is having belongs to Polixenes. Leones put his wife in jail and she gave birth to a girl. But the Prince Mamillius since his mother go to jail his being sick he died and his mother too…Leones decides the baby born to be left in the woods but Shepherd who is a nobleman took care of Perdita. 16 years passed and Camilo wants to get back to Siciliana get close to his friend Leones but Polixenes wants him around him because the kingdom needs him. Polixenes want to his only child Florizel to get married to Shepherd’s daughter Perdita. I didn’t finished the story but is a great story and I’m loving it, such an emotional play.

In Lynn’s lesson we talk about our Shakespeare monologues. We work in groups to help people who already choose a Shakespeare.

Robyn and Matthew helped Ami’s Shakespeare

Lynn did help Jamie-Leigh

Max and Ebony did helped me

Henry did print his Shakespeare monologue and join me, Ebony and Max.

In this monologue I had some words that was difficult for me but was clear because they did help me even they didn’t know the words but they did help me from the form of the sentence and some of them we didn’t know so we had to ask Lynn.


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