My name…

Assignement – “Waiting” an Original Play for my character as a Portuguese Chef

The way I got this name, I had to think what names are common in Portugal and we have: Marta, Mariana, Joana, Rita, Patricia… but a surname that are always common is: Silva, Gomes, Pereira, Sousa…! So I choose 3 names: Patricia Mendes, Verónica Sousa and Vera Silva. I did say to Erica and we agreed Verónica and the surname Silva so I got the name for the character and is VERÓNICA SILVA. Make this name as really easy for me because I had in my mind which name I have for the character. I thought that this name had to be strong but a good sound because she is strong, she is a women that follows her instincts, follow her dream and she wants to be the best because she is. She had the opportunity to know about gastronomic food around the world which is benefit for her Curriculum Vitae and she did fight to get where she is.


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