My Charcter..

This character is about the new Assignement – “Waitng” an Original Play

“I’m 30 years old and I’m Portuguese. I was born in Lisbon and I my all life was in Lisbon till 18. I studied in Spain at Le Cordon Bleu Madrid about 3 years and more 2 years to get my studies completed to becoming a chef. I did travelled around the world very young. I get started with my 23 years old and I did go to: Brazil, New York, Italy, Tokyo, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France and now England. I had been working in restaurants and hotels with my boyfriend. My boyfriend is a chef to and we studied together but he still between Portugal and Spain working. I came here to know more about gastronomic English food and I came for 6 months to replace my friend Carl because he had an emergency, so he called me to help him. We had met in France and we work together in one of the restaurants in Paris and we keep in touch, but when I will came back to Lisbon I will open a restaurant with my boyfriend.”


The way I did my character was very easy for me because back in Portugal I studied Tourism of Portugal – Hotel and Tourism School of Portugal in Cooking/Baking Techniques course and I know about this world of Restaurants, Bars and Kitchens… it’s a great feeling embrace again this challenge. As a chef it is always a good Curriculum if you had been around the world to know about gastronomic food and in my point of view every lovers love to study at Le Cordon Bleu that’s why I got this up. But was a little bit difficult to thing why I got here in Bury St. Edmunds if I can be working in London one of the top Restaurants, and I thought if I can bring to the story one friend that I met in one of the countries? So I did… This friend is English his name is Carl Wade that lives in Cambridge and we met in France one of the tops Restaurants in Paris and in this restaurants had a lots of chefs around the world doing “Interships” to get more experience and we still friends ever since. But why you are here? Because Carl had one emergency so he called me to replace him for 6 months because he had to go to Africa for family matters so he did trust her, because he knows that she is really good and talent so he wants her help to control the Restaurant. The first I got up the story more details come to my memory and it’s exciting to make this character because this character could be me if Theatre wasn’t my passion in first place.




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