Monday 20th February / Friday 24th February

Monday 20th February

Today with Erica we didn’t too much because she had to rehearsal with year 2 actors or dancers for the TIE so we made some woks on WordPress and find Monologues that Erica told us to do. Next time we did see the rehearsal for TIE and was really funny.  Next before lunch time, instead we had Self Directed Study we watch the rest of the performances for TIE. Was really good but what I enjoyed the must was the group with Harry, Beth, Leah, Daytona and Josh was really good well done played.


Tuesday 21st February

Today in choir we still practice Joyful, Joyful and this time was hard for me because I didn’t had the last lesson with Paul but I work it out and I did well but need to sort one bit that is really complicated for me: “…drive it a way. Giver of immortal gladness…” fortunately is not because of the song but it’s because of my accent. But more practice and it will be fine.  In Erica’s lesson we talk about monologues and work on WordPress. In the afternoon me and Jamie-Leigh discussed about our duologue for Showcase and we start to do a dance for backup plan. We started to do street dance with Beyoncé songs remix and we chorographic the beginning of the song.

Why I choose this monologue? First of all was really hard to find a monologue…because I wanted to find something comic (I love laughing and comedic) I didn’t had the opportunity to work with a comic scene or play…all my performance was about sadness or an important status. So I decide to do a comic monologue. Not because it’s easy for me but because it’s another great challenge for me as an actress doing something different which it’s perfect to me accept all the challenges or made myself a challenge.  I am really exciting to work on this monologue.


The Gratitude List by Gabriel Davis

Maggie is speaking to a girlfriend who is struggling with finding peace and happiness in her life.  Maggie, it seems, has found the answer in gratitude lists …

You need a gratitude list.  It will literally change your life.

So for awhile Steve and I were going through a rough patch.  And Steve’s a fixer, right?  He got all these books on happiness and how to be more fulfilled in life.  One of the things all these books said was keep a gratitude list.  You know, it’s scientifically proven to increase your level of satisfaction with your life.

At first I was skeptical.   Steve was adamant it would fix us and everyday was making these gratitude lists of “10 things I’m grateful for” and reading them to me.

His lists were like, “I’m grateful to have a beautiful wife to share my life with. Grateful for her smile that lights me up inside, grateful for her lips that kiss me so softly, grateful for her mind that engages me…”  Etcetera, etcetera to 10 everyday.  And everyday he’d be like, “let me hear yours.”  And everyday I didn’t have one, I couldn’t think of anything.

But good old Steve has never left a project unfinished in his life.  He just kept on the way he does, quietly, calmly, steadily, endlessly encouraging me to write one.  Sort of like Chinese water torture.  Haha.

So finally, I’m like, ok Steve!  And I write a list and I read it to him.

Things I’m grateful for:
-The quiet intimacy of taking bubble baths alone
-Earplugs and the lock on the bathroom door
-A comfortable bed to sleep in
-The sound of Steve sleeping nearby on the couch
-Sex; doing it for myself with myself
-Lots of closet space, with Steve’s stuff in the spare room
-Spending more time with my family, who never liked Steve
-Knowing that the female life expectancy is longer than the male’s
-Steve’s family history of heart disease
-Inspiring stories of second marriages

So after I read my list to Steve, he’s all critical of it, like “That’s only 9 things and you’re supposed to have 10” and then he began weeping uncontrollably.  Not long after that Steve filed for divorce.  I added another item to my gratitude list

10- Getting divorced from Steve!

I can’t say enough about these gratitude lists and their power to improve your life and lift your mood.  I’ve never been happier!!



Wednesday 22nd February

Today in Directed Study I had been looked for monologues for me and duologues for me and Jamie-Leigh for the Showcase and I get some monologues for the final project. In Lynn’s lesson we talked about what is our path way that we are going to choose for next year (Dance, Musical Theatre or Acting). I choose Acting…I like dance but  it’s not my passion, MT is not for me because I don’t sing and I choose acting because I love it and for the next year I would like to express more myself and do more comedy and try new challenges for me. If I choose ACTING I must have to pick 2 monologues 1 Shakespeare and 1 Contemporary. I already choose one contemporary but I didn’t choose one Shakespeare but Lynn said she probably have something that could work for me and she is going to help me to find one Shakespeare monologue. In afternoon I did go to the library to search more about Duologues (comic) for me and Jamie-Leigh for the Showcase and I found 4 and 2 songs for the backup plan which is dance.


Thursday 23rd February

Today me and Jamie-Leigh saw the 4 duologue that I found but she didn’t like them but one of them was a little bit better so we ask for Erica and she gave to us one duologue written from her who is great and we stay with the duologue for the Showcase. In Employability we been doing works about Budget and for me was a little bit hard because in my language I know the subject but in English is hard to explain because some of the words don’t have a meaning and some of the words in English is a quite hard for me in terms of “BUDGET” talking. But I’m going to see some articles about Budget and study more about it. In Han’s lesson we supposed to continue to watch Private Lives but the Digital National Theatre doesn’t work so we decide to watch “She Stoops to Conquer”. “She Stoops to Conquer” is a comic play. To be honest I didn’t understand the beginning of the play because I wasn’t feeling good today for family matters and this time some words was a little bit hard for me to get it but in general is a great play, was one moment that I understand one joke and was really funny and what I did like to was de clothes back in the time and the stage was rotary with a lots of props from the 18th Century. But hopefully the next I will be more careful and alert to the words.


Friday 24th February

Today in warm up with the Year 2 we did 3 games: Stuck in the mud, Ninja and one game that the year 2 got up for the TIE for one school that each character from the Peter pan had one move and Lou had to say the names of the characters and we have to make their moves who did wrong the move is out of the game.In Helena’s lesson we did ballet and was exciting. Because I don’t interest too much in ballet but today was an achievement for me I really like the lesson. We did “Plies”, “Battement glisses”, “Battement tendus en croix”, “Rond de jambs a terre”, “Grande battement en croix ”, “Vamps – Saubes – 2-2”. The last lesson that we did ballet (27th January) I wasn’t here I didn’t know what them been doing for ballet. But this lesson was really good because Helena keep repeating the moves from the first lesson and adding others moves.  In Erica’s lesson we did talk about the next project, the WordPress and explain to us how to get a Merit or Distinction. We talked about the last performance that we are going to do in Restaurant Edmunds which is very exciting because this time we won’t have a stage we are going to perform around the audience. But Monday probably we are going to know our characters. We did 1 game and it calls “Spaghetti” – basically we do a circle and one person had to say the emotional to the person to the right and the person had to go to the middle and say SPAGUETTI with an emotional and then successively till everyone said and did the emotional. Today was an exciting day I was really happy with the day of today and bring me strength and more confidence with myself and that is a great goal for me to express myself to everyone and was really helpful for me and got me courage to not being afraid.


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