Task 7 : Final Evaluation

Inspired by Film

8th February

Was the first show and it did well…was my 2nd but 1st experience doing tech rehearsals and was exciting but at the same time long time waiting. I did said some of my lines and practice more in my character. Henry and I had to buy a sandwich or just bread for the props because in that scene I had to eat bread or a sandwich.  In rehearsal time we heard some feedbacks from Helena, Han and Lynn. One of them was that we didn’t brought bread on the plate for Tania had to practice and wasn’t unfear she didn’t had the chance to practice caring the table with the tray with food. The beginning of the scene Henry and Tania put the chairs and the table too much in the front, but the right place was in the back to everyone had the chance to see our faces. We need to project more the volume and Helena correct me for one word TRAPS. In rehearsal time I did said TREPS and is one of the things that I have to look about and corrected. Han told me when I finish my line GOOD NIGHT to not go straight away for the exit but to go forward and when everything black out I go back and leave. This because I’m tall and if I go straight away for the exit everyone will see my head in the projector and the image from the wall will have the image and my head. So that’s why I had to go forward and when black out I have to go back and exit. When the show started I was really ok, I wasn’t nervous I just kept calm. When was time to go on stage I did with no fear everything was fine and when I notice I did jump one line: IF ANYONE EVER SPOKE TO ME THE WAY I HEARD, THE WAY SHE SPOKE TO YOU, I DON’T THINK I COULD EVER LAUGHT AGAIN… and I jump to WHY DON’T YOU GO AWAY? But Henry did well and carry on with the scene beautifully. I did freak out but I didn’t show to everybody. Mariana was freaking out but Marion had to carry on and she did and did well. By the end was really good and we did a great job not just me but all of us. What I have to do it better for tonight is to say all my lines and say the word TRAPS and keep the volume up. One thing that I saw from my exit and I realize that I could help them to take something chair, table or even the tray… one of the things that I like in the backstage everyone help each other and was a good, excellent vibe. I think everyone was comfortable with themselves because everything did well. But at the end I did a great job and to help people in the backstage even I forgot the line I did carry on very well me and Henry. For the next show which is 9th February I will practice my lines to not fail any lines and talk with Han the question that I have that if I can help to carry something because I go from the exit with nothing in my hand.


9th February

Today was the last show and for me did so much better than yesterday because I didn’t forget any lines and was a big goal for me. I did help my colleagues, clean the room, and help to clean the Theatre, the chairs, tables and I gave some support to my colleagues and was an excellent experience for me because this time I had the opportunity to get along with the Years 1 and to made a performance about Alfred Hitchcock and to do a theatre in café theatre style.


Erica – “Well done, you were perfect but you need more dictation but you are getting there!”

Lynn – “Well done was fab…!”

Helena – “Well done and you did say well the word TRAPS!”

Gary – “Every time I see her makes me want to watch her more…!”


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