6th February (Monday) / 10th February Friday)

6th February (Monday)

Today was Tech. all day for the show “Inspired by Films” and we work on our costume, props, we took pictures with our costume and we rehearsal.


7th February (Tuesday)

Today was directed study and I did some works for WordPress. Next we did dress tech all day and rehearsals.


8th February (Wednesday)

Today was a big day…get everything right for the performance “Inspired by Film”.


9th February (Thursday)

Today was a normal day. In Employability we did our “Personal Budget” on Excel. Next was Han’s lesson and because we had a show for 2 days the room E0.44 and E0.50 had a lot of props and the music people had to use one of the rooms so we (Level 2) had to share the room with Lynn and the Year 1 Actors and did some work on WordPress especially talking about the first show and how was it…if was well or something gone bad. At 17h30 we had a reunion about the last day of the show and talk what did wrong and what we had to sort it out and get ready for the last performance.


10th February (Friday)

Today we didn’t have to much people in school because lot of them did go to RAF base in Bury St. Edmunds. In warm up today we did go to the dance studio and we did 2 games: subject game and the murder game. Next we did had Helena and in this lesson we talk about the experience to made the performance “Inspired by Film” and we talk about in what we have to do to apply for the next year…the auditions and WordPress. In Erica’s lesson we did talk about the performance and she gave us feedbacks about our performances. Next we did one quiz about the Theatre. For the end Erica told us to know better about the THEATRE WORLD  because is important to us to know them and every auditions we have questions about playwrights, National Theatre, famous actors/actress. In the afternoon we didn’t have Seasons because we didn’t have too much people in college.

This week was very exciting for me, to have this opportunnity to know how to perform in differents style of theatre and to build one performance all together with a simple performance who thats made the difference (in the best way).



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