2nd February (Thursday)/ 3rd February (Friday)

2nd February (Thursday)

Today in employability we talk about budget. We had to made one exercise that consist about budget that you spent all year.


Rent- 375£

Water- 37£

Food- 100£

Tv/Phone- 20£

College- 350£

Internet- 27£                                                                                                   total: 909£

Per year: 10,908£

Left in count: 3092£


In Han’s lesson we start to watching Private Lives and in this play basically we saw 1 couple but they divorce and they get married again. So the honeymoon was at the same time, same place and the suit room was side by side, till they saw each other in the balcony and they still in love to each other and they decide to run away. They run away to France and they were remember the time they were married and being unfaithful.

3rd February (Friday)

Today in warm up with the Year 2 and Tech. Level 2 we did one exercise that is about trust and relax. We had to be in pars. The par A have to be still and be like a ROCK with the eyes close and the par B have to move her around and the par A have to trust on her colleague who is the par B. Then we change the par B was a ROCK and the par A had to move around.

The other exercise we was sitting in the circle and we mixed up and we had to look for to our right and say POSITIVE things for the colleague and the same for the left side. This exercise is about to accept what the others person have to say about the person. Today we hadn’t Helena because she was very ill. In Erica’s lesson we did our scenes and then we talk about the costume, props and the tickets. In the afternoon we had a reunion for the Showcase and to show some play or monologues that they are chosen for the show.

This two day I felt very good, excited and was good to came back and stay focus on my performance on 8th and 9th February: Inspired by Films. Friday was a good day because I had the opportunity to rehearsal with Henry PSYCHO and was good we had some details to work on it but its fine.


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