Monday 24 January 2017 / Tuesday 25 January 2017

23 January

Today in Erica’s lesson we did a game (walking around the space and do things that Erica told us to do like: WALK AS YOU WAS ME/ BE A PRINCESS/ BE A VAMPIRE/ BE A PIRATE…). Next we rehearsal our respective performance first was Psycho, Rebecca/Rear Window and the last Rope. At the end we watch each other and we said some feedback. The feedback for Psycho was really good, that is getting there and Henry need to work in one of is lines and for me I need to figure it out when I have to stop eating during the scene because she is not hungry but we will sort it out. Next we did some works for the WordPress. Today when I did the rehearsal for Psycho I feel confidence and capable of do it…because have always one line that I’m struggling it: “If anyone ever spoke to me the way I heard the way she spoke to you…I don’t think I could ever laugh again” I always struggling with this line, it’s not that I don’t understand that but it’s because I forgot to say the line and today did work perfectly maybe because I getting more into the character that is good. In the afternoon the people who doesn’t have Bent, Liliies and Dance we did had one meeting about who is going to do what….some people choose monologues, others choose dance, stand up, songs…and we discuss about it ! I have to choose a monologue but I can’t find monologues about the future career or about the life that I choose…but I have to look on Internet maybe I’ll fin dit or in the library.


24 January

Today in Choir we did sang The Rainbow Connection and we start a new one…and it calls Joyful, Joyful from the Sister Act 2.

The Muppet Movie – The Rainbow Connection :


Sister Act 2 – Joyful Joyful :


Next we I did some work for WordPress in Directed Study. In Erica’s lesson we still work on WordPress.

In the afternoon me and Jamie-Leigh we did go to the library and work to find a duelogue that we are going to work on Jess project.


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