Monday 16 January 2017 / Friday 20 Friday January 2017

16 January

Today we had Erica’s lesson and we talked about the performance that it’s going to be like a Café Theatre style. We’ll have tables around us like “theatre in circle”. Erica divided us into groups (respective film) and the first group was Psycho, second was Rope and for last Rear Window and Rebecca with Robyn and Ebony. Erica decided to add another Alfred Hitchcock film Rebecca. The next lesson we did some works on wordpress and I did some research about vintage dresses and shoes. Today I didn’t feel very well because I was very ill and I didn’t had voice to do my lines for Psycho with Henry. But Erica worked more with Henry instead of me because Henry have more work to do (positively). I did go home for the rest of the day.


17 January



18 January

Today we had Lynn’s lesson and we listening and talk about Americans accents. We listening accents from LA, Califórnia, New York, Texas, Chicago, Florida…and the end what is better for us is to watch videos with LA accent because that accent is similar with RP – British

RP – Received Pronunciation

This is some videos that we listened about the words and the sound of it.

Phonetically – the sounds of speech phonetic spelling written to describe the sound.

In the afternoon I did go to the library do some works of my reflection on the day and I did see some of the videos from the Digital Theatre.


19 January

Today in Employability we saw one video from youtube about “The art of asking” Amanda Palmer. Basicly is one of the way to get connected with the audience.

In Han’s Lesson we did saw the rest of FRANKESNTEIN and we debated. I really enjoyed this play was brilliant but at the same time I had to much questions on my head. We debated about The Creature what we saw from is point of view and from Victor nad Elizabeth to. We talk about Nature vs Nurture

Nature – as compared to an individual’s personal experiences

Nurture – in causing individual diferences, especially in behavior traits

For my opinion it’s about the both because the Creature felt alone and wanted to have a nornal life but everyone beated on him for he’s being ugly and a creature basicly. But with everyone treat him badly he change the way he were and with time he start to be more agrressive.

20 January

Today in Helena’s lesson we talk about our performance from Alfred Hitchcock and we are not going to do the performance because we hadn’t everyone on the lesson and we didn’t have that much time to reharsal all togheter withe missing one lesson. But Helena talked with Erica and they decided for us to start to learn ballet. We did some of the steps. Like the first position, second position, fifth position…

This week I felt really good with confidence and working more on my dictation and my English…I did enjoy more Erica’s lesson on Friday  because I had the opportunity to wear my dress from Psycho and I did felt more the character then myself. That is good for me to feel and understand every single words from my lines and feel the character but the rest is doing well…


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