Task 2 Bernard Herrmann Research

  • Which films did he write the score for


  • The man who knew too much 1956
  • The trouble with harry 1955
  • Vertigo 1958
  • North by northwest 1959
  • Psycho 1960
  • The birds 1963
  • Marnie 1964
  • The wrong man
  • Torn curtain – scored but not used

Began writing original music for the CBS-TV anthology series the Alfred Hitchcock hour eighth season

  • How would you describe his music

For me his music is deep, emotional, moody, much feelings, romantic, suspense, sad, horror…


  • How did his music improve the films he wrote the music for



Characteristic of his work is a simplicity of composition, made up of small, fragmentary musical units, used in repetition, and intentionally lacking melodic resolution. Herrmann’s signature is the use of obsessive sounds, expressing the interior of a disturbed, often psychotic, mind.


  • Did he win any awards




Won best music scoring of a dramatic picture all that money can buy 1941 – academy awards USA

Won taxi driver 1976 – BAFTA awards

Won best music – academy of science fiction fantasy and horror films USA

Won cape fear – BMI film and Tv awards

Won Best Archival Release of an Existing score Obsession (1976)

Won Best Music Taxi Driver (1976) Los Angels Film Critics Association awards

Won Behind the scenes



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