Wednesday 4 January

Today in directed study I did work on the Task 2 Bernard Herrmann. In Lynn’s lesson today we talk about take/make paths.  First we had to find one equation :


I took to long to solve it because I thought that was about logic but was so simple the answer is 3 because we have to subtract the number (6 – 5) that equal 1 and then we had to multiplicate (1×3) that equal 3…and then we try to learn juggling with 3 balls.

First we throw with one ball and imagine like a square and try to ritch on the corner on that square. Next we did with 2 balls in each hands and for last with 3 balls. And this part we had to put 2 balls on the wickness hand and 1 in the other hand, from the wickness hand we throw the first ball to other side then we throw the second ball to the other side and the third ball in the middle. For the beggining was difficult for me because I couldn’t throw the ball and then I couldn’t catch the 3 ball…but then I could catch and throw the 3 balls but when get 2 ball in the 2 hand on my strongest I couldn’t throw the ball like I was stuck. But I’ll practice more.


Plugging the Cultural Deficit

New Year Traditional around the World

  • Denmark
  • China
  • Germany
  • Portugal, Spain, Brazil

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