Wednesday 7 December / Thursday 8 December

7 December

Today in directed study I did research of some words and meanings in english…like : solar system, seasons, weather…Next was Lynn’s lesson and we had warm up our voices because we are going to sing a song in the next performance and the song call “The lazy gal in town” by Marlene Dietrich from one of the Hotchcock movies. We listened the original music and with groups of 3, every group had the task to wrote one version from the song to complete the lyrics song.

  • Ami, Max and Jamie-Leigh – 1st version
  • Henry, Kieran and Robyn – 2nd version
  • Me, Matthew and Ebony – 3rd version

In Improv Erica told us the order of the games for the Improv show and we did the games. Today I didn’t felt confident because I was and I still a little bit worried about the Improv show…I can’t barely speak english and I don’t want to the show goes wrong because of me. But that’s why I’m focus to learn english. But by the end I did well I did understood and enjoyed the day.

Chr-Improvability Show

Scenes from a Hat (All)

Genres (Karolis, Justin)

Questions Only (All)

Moving People (Tom, Alfie)

Actor’s Nightmare (Lauren, Sophie)

Random Lines (Emma, Thalia)

Turn Left (Karolis, Sophie, Alfie, Mariana)

Expert (Emma, Chloe, Lauren, Thalia)

Random Lines (Jess, Justin)

Turn Left (Erica, Han, John, Gary)

Alphabet Game (Lauren, Thalia)

Sit, Stand, Lean (Karolis, Justin, Tom)

Number of Words (Mariana, Jess, Sophie)

Random Lines (Tom, Alfie)

Interrogation Game (Thalia, Jess, Emma)

Genres (Alfie, Mariana)

Blind Date (Karolis, Justin, Tom, Chloe)

World’s Worst (All)

Hoedown (Chloe, Lauren, Justin, Jess)


8 November

Today in Employability our target was about Teamwork. Next was  Han’s lesson and we talk about Props.

Props (Properties)

  • Objects used things you can pick up + carry (generally)


  • Crystal ball
  • Sword / Gun
  • Staff / Walking stick
  • Food for banquet scene : – could be fake / – real food : must be replenished + old food thrown away
  • Cutlery
  • Letters / Envelope

Materials :

  • Wood
  • Polystyrene
  • Foam – Blocks / Spray
  • Boom + Trellice + Chicken Wire + Pape maché
  • Cardboard
  • Sugarglass
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Glue

Some of this have to be painting

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Clay

Source props

Make / Build props: – Theatre

 – Film: armour, special effects



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