Monday 5 December / Tuesday 6 December

5 December

Today we all warm up together and we did stretch part of our body. And next we had Erica’s lesson and on this lesson she gave to us movie scripts from the movie Psycho Director by Alfred Hitchcock. We read the script and with groups of 3 we performed one of the scenes from PSYCHO. One of the first scenes and basicly tell us about Mary which she wants to stay one night at a Motel and Norman who work as a front desk clerk and get her confortable in her room and she tryed to hide her money but she heard one womans voice…



Next we saw the film Phycho…and we didn’t saw all the movie because was the lunch time. In the afternoon I search about the movies directed from Alfred  Hitchcock and who is he.

6 December

Today we had Choir with Paul and we sang the songs from “Swing a Christmas Carol”. In Erica’s lesson with saw the rest of the film PSYCHO and we talk the next Assignment about Alfred Hitchcock. In season time I had Improv and we did games that problably they are going to perform at the Edmunds restaurant. Interrogation, Questions only, Alphabect, Left, Blind date, Expert…


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