Wednesday to Friday (30th November to 2nd December )

Today we had directed study and I did work about Christmas Hoedown and trying to find words whitch rhymes. In Lynn’s lesson we talk about our evaluation about the performance The Tempest. We talk about what did wrong or what did get well in the performance and how to discribe it in words.


  • The performance
  • Every person was comited to their character
  • Everyone was a little professional
  • The performance was not so fast was pacement



  • Behind the cortins being quiet and stand where you are
  • Respect the others
  • Especial for me because some words didn’t came out and forgot some words or lines
  • Costumes changes
  • Have everything earlier like learn the script get the costumes organisated
  • Volume
  • Facial expression



Words for the Evaluation :

Pace/ volume/assist/staging/ennance/satisfactory/positioning/adequate/if could have been impreved by…/create/characterisation/improve/good/facial expression/capable/adjust/rehearsals/correct/smooth/great/flowing/help

Plugging the Cultural Deficit

  • Christianity
  • Judaism
  • Islam
  • Sikhism
  • Hinduism
  • Paganism
  • Shinto
  • Buddhism
  • Jainism
  • Bahai

I had heard about : Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shinto and Sikhism.

The two I really didn’t heard of was Sikhism and Paganism

Sikhism is the internal religious state of the individual. They are a monotheistic religion (they believe in one god) they live honestly, treat everyone equally, they are generous.

Paganism is a group of contemporary religions based on a reverence for nature.


1 December

Today in Employability we did “How to make good decisions” and I did some decision that I have to make.

Han’s lesson we talk about “Scenic Design”…

Scenic Design

  • Designing the set
  • Blackcloth
  • Flats : Flown – fixed at top to something that moves/ Fixed/On trucks – fixed at bottom to something that moves
  • Trucks (3D large piece of set)
  • Levels : Scaffolding/ Steel deck/ Staircase/ Hydraulic lift/ Bridge/ Mezzanine floor(open, no walls)

We did saw some exemples like : Peter Pan goes wrong / Les Misérables / Cats. We saw how they pull all the stage about the lighting, set, proops and how they did it.


Plugging the Cultural Deficit

BBC Performing Arts Fund – is an independent BBC charity that supported emerging talent and community.

The Leverhulme Trust – support of research and education, individuals and emphasises all subject areas.

The Lional Bart Foundation – is basicly a Student Funding where we can funding from my university or higher education establishment.

Council for Dance Education & Training – ensures the provision of high quality professional dance and musical theatre.

Arts Admin – is a unique producing and presenting organisation for contemporary artits working in theatre, dance, live artsm visual and mixed media.


2 December  2016

Today in warm up with years2 and tech. we did subject gameand boss game. In Helena’s lesson we talk about our performance and give some feedbacks and what we have to work better to the next performance. We did talk about our next assessment and it’s about Alfred Hitchcock (British Director) and we did go to EO.29 to search about him…and we saw some movies of him. In Erica’s lesson we talk about the next assessment again and we did a exercise that we had to make a dance with the music from the film PSICO and we had to listen the beat and do it by our steps. To the end with groups of 2 we did a dance about 10, 15 seconds and demonstrated to everyone. Later we dance like all together each dance moving around the room.

We played boss game, detective and murder game and sleappers lions. In season rehearsals I did go to the library and I did some Crhistmas Hoedown :

  1. I love this time of season it’s chrstmas oh oh oh

When the santa don’t bring any gifts I say no no no

But here in England we have to eat turkey

So I suggest to run to Turkey


  1. It’s my 3 christmas year here and I ever see it snow

When they see ice they always do a show

But at home I always eat chocolat

And to get better I always drink hot chocolat


  1. The childrens are exciting they always love christmas

But they have one reason to believe in fathers christmas

But then they always touch the tree to see the bell

And when you say don’t touch the bell they always start to yell


  1. In my family they always give the childrens presents

When they broke the present they are not very pleasants

But then it’s time for the teenegers they always give us socks

Because they don’t have time to go shopping they always have socks in stocks


  1. When it’s 25th December you want to see the Santa

The most insane of christams is in Atlanta

If you always go to Atlanta you usually eat a bagel

And if is Idris Elba pass by you problably is an angel


  1. This chrsitmas season is especial because you want to see the lights

When you compare UK lights with Dubai Uk dies because they have skylights

Every year we are more fat because we eat to much cake

And then your aunts came in and give us chocolat flake


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