Task 5 : The Tempest Evoluation

Today was our performance THE TEMPEST for our Assignment but today no one had lessons (just the cast fro Bents) because was Interview day. Our performance was at 17h15 and we rehearsal all day. Some did go to english lessons and others just came at 15h to rehearsal. But just the last hour we had rehearsal the performance with the lights and sounds effects and then our performance and the dance from Romeu and Juliet. The performance was better then the rehearsals and everyone did give the efforts in the last minute because in Erica’s lessons we didn’t know all the lines and some had some problems to learning…but expecialy in the lessons with Erica I did know all my lines but in the performance I did forget some lines but I just carry on (I think they didn’t notice). The lighting was perfect and any of us did well professionally. One think is actually did wrong about the lighting was me. Because from the beginning of the performance I was the first person to read the narrator part…I did well (my accent did well) but the light wasn’t project in my face. So I needed to found the light and I didn’t found and I didn’t realize about the light I thought the light was ok but it wasn’t when I saw the video of our performance and in Lynn’s lesson when we were talking “What did wrong or what did well”.

  • Characterisation – The characterisation was well interpretated each of us did know what exactly we did and we gave the audience what they need to saw…the characters.
  • Facial Expression – Was well interpretated but we need more for the next time and was clear to who they are and the status of each of us.
  • Rehearsals – The rehearsals was concerned because it seem that no one knew the lines
  • Staging – The staging was well placed and to use the idea of the bench was brilliant because gave us the perspective to any scene.
  • Volume – The volume in certain times was projected really well and some times was low.
  • Positioning – On staging was really well done we did use all the space and we use it well.

For the future we need to work more as a team and learn the script earlier to have more lessons to do it better for the next performance and take it seriously.

Dance – The dance was well played. The facial expression we need to get better but the all dance was well played. In my perspective I think from the beginning I had some struggles from the step but then I get it right. The characterisation we need to get better because some of us didn’t the characterisation and the facial expression to because was interessed for the performance and for each of groups. For the future we have to work on the steps/movements and the characterisation/facial expression.


The next performance I think I should : – work more about my accent/ – have more confident / – project more the volume / – find the light


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