Week 21 to 28

21 November

Today in warm up we did one dance and we sang one song “Let your little shine”. Next was Erica’s lesson and we run the all script from The Tempest. I’m struggling with the scene 8 and I wasn’t that good but not so bad because I was tryied to remember the lines. But we run again and it was a little much better then the first time. And then we read the script but without the acting voice just read normally  and then lern the script without looking at it and we talk about our characters costumes. I did go to EO.29 and I was looking to Prospero’s costume and basicly Porspero must have to wear a long cape like a dress but it’s not a dress…so a research and I found on internet what I have to look on Prospero clothes and it’s on Medieval clothes. But one of the things that me and Erica have to see (most Erica) is the shoes. But she is trying to found out  if Prospero will wear shoes or not but on internet I found aproppiate shoes for Prospero : Greek sandals or slippers they look  like the old fashion look from the Shakespeare plays. And I get from conclusion that one long tunic with a belt and leggings with brown or bege slippers and the cape will work I just have to find on my closet or talk with Erica about the costume.

Pluggin the Cultural Deficit – Oscar Wilde and the quote that I choosen was : “You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you con hear.”


22 November

Today in choir we procced the songs from Swing a Christmas Carol : God rest ye merry gentleman / What child is this ? / Deck the hall.

In Erica’s lesson I was trying to learn the script, meanwhile the others they were finishing the Tasks…but I already did all the Tasks that they told me to do. In the afternoon in Improv we did a lot of games : Questions only, Freeze nomenated, Left, Expert and interviewer, Moviments, Cultural Knowlegde…

Plugging the Cultural Deficit – today was about European Flags and without looking I found 14 : Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Croatia, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Finland, Ireland, Romania, Europenean Flag, Czech Republic, Vaticano, Bosnia, Ucraine, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Moldova, Monaco, Malta, Macedonia, Georgia, Alberia, Andorra, Austria, Azerbeijan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Estonia, Hungary, Armenia, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lituania, Montenegro, Luxemburg


23 November

Today  in Lynn’s lesson we talk about the voice to our character. We did facial expression exercices and vocal. We did to an exercice that we have to make one emotion from our characters in one of our lines… In the afternoon in Improv with Erica we did Hoedown game, Freeze nomenated and Interrogations. The next time in Hoedown game we must have to do some rimes for the game.

Plugging the Cultural Deficit – Justine Greening, Philip Hammond, Boris Johnson, Elizabeth Truss, Sir Michael Fallon, Jeremy Hunt and Karen Bradley

Who are the folllowing people ?   Conservative Party

Why are they important to you ?  They are important because they garantie a better future for us. Best medical care, jobs, healthy economy, retirement, school and a a stage for ours life.



24 November

Today in Employability we did Time Management and the CV’s. In Han’s lesson we talk and we saw one video on youtube “How to make a storm” to our performance The Tempest on 29th November (tuesday). And we find one choir that make the sounds effects of storm on body. First they start to rubbing the hands, snapping the fingers, tapping the legs and they jump to make the thunder sound effect. So we decide to make the sound effect with the help of year 2’s, 1 year and the Productions.


Plugging the Cultural Deficit

Charitys :

  • Mind – http://www.mind.org.uk/ they support people with mental health problems about a condition, treatment options or pratical issues.
  • Stonewall – http://www.stonewall.org.uk/ they support all the gays, lesbians, bi and transsexual people that they are not alone.
  • NSPCC – https://www.nspcc.org.uk/ it’s about children protection and to prevent the cruelty for the childrens.
  • AMNESTY International – https://www.amnesty.org/ they fight for abuses of humans rights, they do justice and they let people to let know they voices.

The last time that I gave was when I was at Prezzo’s restaurant and I had one  pizza that I wanted to eat at home (I didn’t want to eat at the restaurant and it was the time to close the kitchen). But when I walk away was a men standing outside and he asked me if I had some money to gave to him. I told him that I hadn’t money in that moment but I gave him my pizza ! The men didn’t want to accept my pizza but I had insisted and we accepted the pizza…he didn’t stop to say thank you and we walk away very happy because we was very hungry…

25 November

Today in warm up was very short because today was the day that the year 1 actors and the dancers had performed STREET STORIES and a dance the  Sleeping Beauty and instead we had the Erica’s lesson in afternoon we did on self directed to watch and support them. In Erica’s lesson we run for the script The Tempest from scene 1 to the end… still have a little more work to do but I wish the performence will be great on Tuesday 29th. Next all of us (year 2, year 1 actors and the Productions) in Audition Prep. we did the storm sounds effects like the video that we saw in Han’s lesson. In Helena’s lesson without Robyn because she is ill, we practice the dance that we are going to perform on 29th November and this time was great some points to do better but we all are great. Erica had the chance to see us dancing and she record us. In the afternoon we all did go to the town watch the year 1 actors and the dancers and support them.

Plugging the Cultural Deficit

Palace Theatre – The Nutcracker,  conductor John Mclaughlin but wrote was  Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Gieldug Theatre – Curious incident of the dog in the night-time, adapted by Simon Stephens wrote by mark Haddon

Apollo Theatre – Peter Pan goes wrong, by Henry Shields, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Lewis

Lyric Theatre – The Gruffalo, by adapted by Meneer Monster, wrote by Julia Donaldson


28 November

Today in warm up we did exercises to stretch our body. Next Erica’s lesson we had rehearsal THE TEMPEST for our performance tomorrow (29th November) and basicly we are getting there but we need to see some points that we have to sort it out. With the sound of the storm that we did on friday today we had the chance to rehearsal THE TEMPEST with the audio and more sounds effects and some already with the costumes…but then we did some work on our wordpress. In the afternoon I had been working on my lines (PROSPERO).


This week it was like a roller coaster the beginning of the week I was really down and by the end I was really fine by myself  with a lot of confidence…expecially Friday I was really happy and exciting to make the storm sound effect with everybody and it’s was a good day. This Monday I wasn’t 100% but the rest of the days I will get better.


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