Thursday 17/Friday 18 November

Today in Employability I did “Time Manegement” and I still have to finish it. In Han’s lesson we whatch the Act 2 from Into the Hoods and on this act 2 we saw the giant and the giant is made alot of proops like : umbrellas, rubbish cover, wheels, wood and more but all of this was made to build the giant. The giant was on the corner of the stage and the hands on the side to make clear that it is a giant…

Today 18 November in warm up with year 2 and Productions we did a version from Have it but we had to say ZIP, ZAP, BOING and BLUBLUBLU. We did to Samurai game. In Helena’s lesson we had the shirts because each groups must have a shirt colour my group with Ebony, Max and Mathew we have the colour red and the other team : Kieran, Henry, Ami, Robyn and Jamie-Leigh have the colour blue. We practice but the blue team had some struggles but they got the rhythm and some moves that they havd to find out the time because in this lesson we had Jamie-Leigh back and we had to show her the dance that we complete without her. In Erica’s lesson we run the script The Tempest and I felt really great but 2 things that I have to practice expecially the scene 8 that I’m really afraid to do this scene I think it’s too hard for me because this scene have a lot of words that I’m struggle…but I ever give up and I will search the words that I’m struggling with it. The first scene it’s a little bit confusing for me because the character Prospero supost to comend the tempest, the storm on the ship…but they don’t look at me when I do the moves with my arms to go left or right….but was the first time we did the scene together and I wish Monday 21 we can make it possible to look at the character Prospero.


Plugging the Cultural Deficit

  • Napolean Bonaparte
  • Winston Churchill
  • Queen Elizabeth I

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