Monday 14 November

Today in warm up (without the dancers) we did some exercises for the body and we did move into circles in the room being just ourselfs and Lynn gave us some characteristics or something that we had to do…e.g. : “Pretend like you’re walking on the hot sand “…and we had to pretend we had to walk on the sand…Next was Erica’s lesson and we spend the time rehersal The Tempest and research about the play and know what’s happen and understand the lines that we are saying. This afternoon I spent the rest of it in the library search for the “Plugging the Cultural Deficit” and more about The Tempest. In Erica’s lesson I wasn’t really good on my performing maybe I didn’t work enought to make it right…but for the next lesson I must have to do it well because our performance is on 29 November so we have 3 weeks to get it done and very well done. I today I enjoyed because we did till scene 8…so we have more 2 scenes and we are done and keep rehersal without the script. There’s one or two words that I realy could say or pronouce but with practice I will going to make it.

Plugging  the Cultural Deficit

St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia


The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai


Tower Bridge in London


Angkor Wat in Cambonia



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