Wednesday 9 November

Today we had Lynn’s Lesson and on her lesson we keep talking about the rhythm. That is  the timing of events on a human like music, dance, poetry… The time signature is used in western musical notation  to specify how many beats are in each bar and which note value. In a musical score, the time signature appears at the beginning of the piece.


Crotchet – is one beat


Quaver – is one note and half


2 Beats Together



Waltz is to play the chord on the first beat, the upper notes on the second and third beats.



DSC_0872.JPG                   DSC_0871.JPG

Then we did a dance with 3 beats and we dance like we were doing a triangulo: right foot forward, one step from the left foot to the side and the right foot bach to the letf foot. And we did in backwards and try to do with a partner. I did with Mathew and we were great. Erica wasn’t here today because she was ill. We practice a little the play The Tempest and i did go to the libary and study english and I brought to home 2 english books to study. Today I wasn’t feel great…but tomorrow will be better I wish…



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