Tuesday 8 November

Today in Choir’s lesson with Paul we sang the song “Jingle Bells” to get better in some parts and we sang the next song “Swing a Christmas Carol”. Singing it’s not for me and I don’t know how to sing but I can see that I grow I little more for my singing and for the Jingle Bells I was very confident and I did well but Swing a Christmas Carol was and still difficult for me I must have to ear the song and pratice at home. But I enjoyed the lesson like usually and in every lesson I try to do my best. In Erica’s lesson we worked in our tasks for the assessment. At 2 part for the audition we dance and my partner was Jess Bellamy, we sang a song  named “Back to the Land”, in groups of 4 they gave us a small script that we had to read and perform. Now we have to wait till tomorrow to know who got the role to the play “Lilies on the Land”. I was confident and this time I was really exciting to dance and sing a song. And I think I was great because I know that I work to hard and I tryed to not being shy because I don’t have to be shy. Today was the day that I must enjoyed because I was happy to did what I did and I had so much fun today if i don’t have one of the roles that’s ok it worth it just I had that joy and preper to the future’s auditions.


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