Monday 7 November

Today in warm up with everyone (not with the dancers), we sang a song and then we made a game who’s basicly we had a partner and with the partner we gave the right hand and we had to carry on to the next person and given hands with the order : Right, Left,Right, Left… till we find our partner again. Erica’s lesson we read the script all together. For the Our House the theatre still had a lot to remove so we did our lesson in the room E0.50 and we didn’t had space enough to do the firdt scene so we decide to made the 2 and 3 scene. Each Erica’s lessons I’m more confident, maybe because they’re helping me for my improvement and my accent. We had to practice for the assessment and our performence in 29 November. Need to practice more my english to get a little bit easier for me. But I think I did well and I enjoyed to get started the scenes with everybody. I wasn’t very well in performance on scene 2 but I will practice and get better and better everyday. In auditions the character that I choose was Vera :”Well, I’d just been to college and I worked in a bank – a reserved profession. I wasn’t allowed to wear trousers and I loved the look of the breeches. So I thought, well, maybe I’ll enjoy the Land Army, do something for the War Efforf. When I talked to my boss we was very unpleasant about it, he said I was making thinks difficult for him.” We did groups and each groups had one Poppy, Peggy, Margie and Vera. We did the game “Have it” but in british accent. We said a poem together each group had 2 or 3 lines to say, we walk in the theatre to and Lynn gave us characters or expressionsthat we had to perform. And then we did 2 groups, one group were hard-working and the other group didn’t want to be there and they prefer to be in somewhere else then being in the field. With the same groups we did one side british womens and they were very shy, the other side americans mens and the americans had to seduce the british womens. Just to the end we did Object game. For my improvement I need to understand and speak more better english and I must have to work more my english. I think I was great…I gave my best of me and my strenghts was to get succed in auditions to everybody see that I can do it even I’m Portuguese and I didn’t give upto practice. In the future I will be more confidence because in the future I’ll be a better speaker. But today I enjoyed to do the audition because I have another perpective to be in a audition or preper for the auditions in future. The most important I achieve my accent and my english and i thought that my english still a little bit afraid to come out or to show and by the end I was surprised. From the begining I was very nervous but later I was confidence, I keep calm and I cope very well.


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